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Photo by Rosenthal Interiors

Photo by Rosenthal Interiors

The popular furniture store has opened a new location in Minnetonka, which is dedicated to delivering the very best to the local LGBTQ+ community.

Sometimes, all you need to lift your spirits is to make a change. I love change. I love chopping all of my hair off after years of wearing it long. I love moving to a new city. I love changing up my wardrobe. 

But, as someone who works from home, sometimes the day-to-day can seem pretty stagnant. When I get tired of looking at the same four walls, or feel like I’m too comfortable in my routine, I’ll switch up my apartment. Sometimes this is as simple as moving some furniture around, or picking up a new coffee table I found on Facebook Marketplace. But sometimes, it’s in the form of a big purchase, like a new couch or desk. Whatever it is, I’ve found that playing around with the interior of my living space is a great way to liven up the everyday.

Luckily, the folks at Rosenthal Interiors share this sentiment.

At Rosenthal, we carry a large selection of large dining tables and large comfortable sectionals. These items help make a home welcoming and comfortable for group gatherings,” says Daniel Ledo, Vice President of Operations at Rosenthal. “Our designers are able to help a client select pieces that will work best in their space, along with their personal needs. They can help you create an amazing room, including furnishings, paint colors, flooring finishes, wallpaper and much more. We pride ourselves in our amazing designers and the full design services that they can provide our clients.”

Photo by Rosenthal Interiors

Currently, the furniture industry is experiencing a very long delay, something that Rosenthal has prepared for by bringing in more stock items early on in the pandemic.

“Because of this, we have many floor samples that are available for immediate pick-up and delivery,” Ledo says. “Most stores are not prepared to let go of their floor samples and that puts us in a very unique position. I would say that current trends are leaning towards more comfortable stylish interiors. Our clients are spending more time at home than ever before, and it seems like this will continue to be the trend.”

They were also able to bring in a new line, called Gus Modern. “Gus is eco-friendly and can be delivered to you within a week or less,” Ledo says. “We are also seeing a huge trend in outdoor furniture and are working on bringing in more unique pieces of outdoor furniture products.”

He adds: “Lastly, bold wallpaper prints and unique bright color combinations are trending very strongly this year. After the last year, everyone is craving something that makes them feel happy.”

Due to the pandemic and the unrest following the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police, Ledo explains that there was very little foot traffic at the store, which led them to relocate to the suburbs.

Photo by Rosenthal Interiors

“The Minnetonka store is where we carry our latest and greatest designs that can be ordered in hundreds of different custom finishes,” Ledo says. “The Downtown store has our small concept apartment living designs along with our Stressless by Ekornes gallery, and all of our floor sample close-outs. This has positioned us much better to serve the Twin Cities.”

Ledo adds that the new location in Minnetonka has seen a good response from the LGBTQ+ population in the area. “We anticipate that with our new location and availability of parking, we should see more of the LGBTQ+ community shopping at our store,” he says.

Rosenthal’s store is woman-owned, and operated by Ledo, who is a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

“We strive to create an inclusive environment that celebrates the LGBTQ+ community and creates a safe space,” he says. “As you may know, all of our artwork is local and we pride ourselves in giving local artists a place to share their artwork with the public. In the coming months, we will work on having some community events where artists and local makers will present their works and their processes. We hope to highlight our local artists and their amazing artwork.”

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