Bachman’s – Decking the Halls: A How-To

Photo courtesy of Bachman's
Photo courtesy of Bachman's

“Deck the halls with boughs of holly” sounds simple in theory, but when it comes time to start decorating for the holidays, many people don’t know where to start.

That’s where places like Bachman’s Winter Wonderland—Ideas & Inspiration for the Home self-guided tour comes in. People can explore different vignettes of styled rooms and tabletops to get inspiration for their own home or entertaining, and even purchase products that they’re seeing right then and there.

Karen Bachman Thull, the Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications for Bachman’s, generally finds that people start by creating a welcoming outdoor space, particularly with spruce top containers that can last all through the winter months. They’re made out of tips of evergreen trees and other greenery for added texture, and when placed in soil that freezes, they act like a dormant evergreen in the winter and stay fresh without needing a water source.

Photo courtesy of Bachman’s

“However, until it freezes, you will need to keep your pot or window box watered,” she says. “That’s why November is a popular time to do it: usually the soil isn’t quite frozen yet, and so it’s an opportune time to get it in before it does freeze.”

Spruce tops can also transition from autumn harvest décor through the winter holidays. “A lot of people will put silk or dried stems in there, like dried hydrangeas from their garden, during the autumn months and then transition that in December to the more festive elements,” Bachman Thull says. “Maybe it’s pine cones, sparkling globes or ornaments. It’s really a fun opportunity to create a dramatic welcome.”

Since the soil needs to freeze, you won’t be bringing spruce tops inside, but that doesn’t mean the festivity has to stop at the front door. Bachman Thull notes that living Christmas trees remain popular.

Photo courtesy of Bachman’s

She says, “I think it’ll be even more popular this year as people are still hunkering down and really enjoying the spaces they have and making them special for whatever their gatherings might look like. If you bring a live Christmas tree into your home, remember that those are very thirsty, so you’ll need to water those quite often and have a reservoir for that.”

If you have an artificial tree, she recommends spending time properly fluffing it and preparing it for lights and ornaments. You might even consider adding additional picks and ribbon to hide more bare spots and fill out your tree to make it appear fuller.

“Light your tree from the inside out, meaning start toward the trunk and move out,” she says. “Lights, of course, bring all of the magic alive. And when it comes to lights, the more the merrier, literally. A good rule of thumb is 100 lights per square foot of tree.”

When it comes to ornaments and bobbles, her advice is to vary their size and group in clusters of three or five within the same color scheme. The goal is to create different focal points, but still have a cohesive story, regardless of your design style.

Photo courtesy of Bachman’s

Whether you have an existing color scheme you use every year, or you like to switch it up with the latest trends, Bachman Thull says you want to pick pieces that are meaningful. “What means something to you and what is something that perhaps you can add to as a tradition?” she says. “A lot of people will choose different ornaments or they’ll have something special that would go on a mantel. It’s not just the tree that can wow—a mantel can wow as well.”

There are countless ways to create a statement with your holiday décor—whether it’s with one of the more than 65,000 poinsettia plants Bachman’s grows every year, or welcoming Minnesota’s winter birds to your yard with a seeded wreath. Even placing a fresh garland running down a long table is a simple way to make an impression, although Bachman Thull recommends moving the garland outdoors soon after your event to prevent it from drying out and becoming a hazard.

Photo courtesy of Bachman’s

Whatever the final look might be, finding décor and florals that speak to your style is the most exciting part of holiday decorating, she explains. “You have your décor theme and then you’re bringing in fresh accents and that almost happens at the last second before you’re ready to entertain. First you have your décor, then you have your food and beverage, and then you’re bringing in those last festive and special details.”

She continues, “There’s really no wrong way to decorate or entertain. Really, it’s such a fun time to express your own style. That’s the special part of the holidays: making it your own.”

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