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Provided by Omforme Designs
Provided by Omforme Designs

Creating a space that you love while furnishing your home can be a huge undertaking. There’s so much to consider: comfort, cost, aesthetic, and, to the environmentally conscious folks dedicated to saving our planet, sustainability.

If this sounds like you, look no further than Omforme Designs, a locally owned Minneapolis interior design firm. Omforme Designs has been around for about a decade under the vision and leadership of Owner and Senior Designer, Carter Averbeck. Averbeck takes pride in his company, defining it with the succinct tagline: “Purveyors of a Bold Existence.” 

What is a bold existence? Omforme creates unique, personalized interior designs with fully sustainable and locally sourced materials. Averbeck explains, “We utilize local artisans and craftspeople to keep the local economy healthy and support other small businesses in the process. We practice getting down to “Zero Waste” in our design ethos. For instance, when a chair gets reupholstered, the excess fabric is turned into luxe pillows and sold through local retail. Scraps from the pillows are then given to another artisan to make these exquisite couture sewn plush animals, again for sale through local retail. By the end, we’ve used 100% of the materials with nothing going into a landfill.” Omforme takes care of customers, the local economy, and the earth, all at the same time with this model. And to top it all off, Omforme Designs can get as specific as you want. Averbeck continues, “One of the best aspects of our design services is that the client truly gets to customize each item we use on their project. This could be interesting upholstery treatments, specialty paint and stain finishes for case goods, the imagination is limitless and our clients love that. That kind of broad flexibility doesn’t happen at big box stores.” Omforme creates furniture as characteristic and distinctive as you are, making it possible for your home to be truly yours.

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In a world with an increasing number of consumers who want to make sure they are shopping ethically and not harming the earth or laborers with their consumption, Omforme provides the perfect place to shop. Averbeck explains, “Most clients who come to us have already done their research on us and our mission, hence why they come. For newcomers, what most see and marvel at, is how “new” a revived item can be… Many of our clients have the same mission towards globally reducing our environmental impact through the thoughtful use of alternatives to fast furniture and mass-produced objects. The majority are Millennials and Gen Zs, but Gen X is also within the mix. These types search for truly unique items that express their singularity and have a positive impact on the environment. They are well educated in older quality vs fast furniture and the impact of each on the planet.” The wonderful thing about Omforme is that you don’t have to sacrifice quality for sustainability, and unlike some brands, you also don’t have to worry about overpaying. Omforme makes sure sustainability is accessible and beautiful, and the clients never feel that their goodhearted intentions of shopping locally and environmentally consciously are taken advantage of by a large corporation to make a quick buck. Omforme is dedicated to customer satisfaction, so much so that Averbeck says, “Since we are a service-oriented business, we do take all measures to make amends when a client is not satisfied with an item.”

Averbeck didn’t come up with this idea for sustainable furnishings overnight. He says that remaking used furniture into something that looks brand-new has been a family tradition since he was little: “Growing up, my family used to go to auctions to buy used furniture. Then we’d fix it up and put it in our home. It was a way to get the “luxury look” without spending outside our means. Lots of research care and ingenuity went into those pieces to get the right look.” He expands on the past by adding, “Today, I’ve taken that philosophy and expanded it as offerings to the public through interior design services. Our approach is to find quality furnishings and excess luxury building materials and store it at our warehouse.” 

Photo courtesy of Omforme Designs

To check out all the excitement for yourself, visit Omforme’s showroom in Minneapolis. You can peruse what they have to offer and talk about all of the customization options, or discuss updating your own furnishings. 

Even after 10 years, Averbeck is still looking to the future to see the best ways to improve his business model: “I hope to keep growing this business into a haven for those who seek unusual and artful design not found anywhere else locally. To also keep innovating the process of design so that we continue to strive for zero waste and still produce exceptional design ideals in the process.” 

If you’re looking for sustainable way to spice up your home, check out Omforme Designs. 

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