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Photo courtesy of BigStock/HDshooter
Photo courtesy of BigStock/HDshooter

One of the most beloved traditions of these chilly holiday months is looking at all the beautiful decorations and twinkling lights on our homes and businesses. Seeing string lights wrapped around roof edges, wreaths on front doors, Christmas trees in living rooms, Menorahs on mantels, stockings above the fireplace—all of it gives such a warm, fuzzy feeling that our loved ones are close by, and it’s that wonderful time of year again. 

However, spreading holiday cheer through decorating your own personal gingerbread home can get a little tougher as you get older, and the weather conditions of the Upper Midwest are no help either. That’s why we talked to Renda Baird of Renda The Roofer for some insights on putting up your Holiday decorations this year—so you could stay safe and toasty this winter and still get to spread the joyful holiday spirit!

Renda The Roofer, who has been deemed the “Ted Lasso of Home Exterior teams,” can aid you in decorating your home this holiday season. She prides herself on her “Farm Girl Values,” which include hard, hands-on work, and believing that every homeowner “deserves first-class customer service.” Her team specializes in home exteriors, covering all of the pre-planning and projections you could possibly need. 

While Renda The Roofer provides services year-round, this season is particularly focused on holiday decorations, and the importance of staying safe while doing it. Renda says, “We just do good work for nice people…everyone needs something.” Service from Renda’s team includes “affordable trip charges and free consultations over the phone” as well as all the other needs surrounding holiday decorating. Renda describes their services at Renda The Roofer (RTR) as “full service,” saying, “We go over the full exterior to decide what the best plan is.” RTR also offers no contract inspections. Renda elaborates, “Nothing should be an emergency these days… you really just need to have a pre-plan for what-ifs, so we help people review aging options on all fronts—anything from access entries, insurance coverage needs, etc. We try to do what we can with what we have.” 

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Decorating for the holidays can be difficult or even dangerous for a multitude of reasons, especially as you get older. Tangled string lights are the least of your worries, and on the other hand, cold, icy weather, using ladders to get on elevated surfaces, and protecting yourself while using electrical cables can be a huge concern. Renda says, “The biggest issue out here is training and handling ladders; safety issues for the homeowners and the workers are key. You need to know who you hired and who’s going to show up.” 

Renda The Roofer’s team take special care in making sure all projects are safe for everyone involved, even if you just need some advice on how to do it yourself. Renda explains, “I always say it’s a team sport and we’re just the coach!” Her team will have the individualized advice and services you need! As the RTR motto states, “Anyone can start a job…. it takes real professionals to finish it!”

Going out in the cold to decorate can really take you out of the holiday spirit if you don’t have a good plan going in. Renda jokes that putting up holiday lights can wait past the cold season, “don’t do it… just wait ‘til Spring!” But in all seriousness, call Renda The Roofer for all of your outside decorating questions and needs. If you need lights or decorations help—she’s the gal for you! Renda The Roofer is open for business Monday-Friday, 9:00am-6:00pm, daily. They’re closed on the weekends; however, emergency texts are taken 24/7, and some projects may occur outside of RTR’s normal business hours, including the weekends.

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