From The Editor: Let’s Talk About Money

Photo courtesy of BigStock/Dmitriy Sergeev
Photo courtesy of BigStock/Dmitriy Sergeev

A wise person once said that you should never talk about money.

That wise person is right. However, this issue does talk about money in various ways.

For one, we discuss economic power and investment. Not just for our community. When we consider BIPOC communities, there will always be discussion on how to overcome institutional barriers towards success. There are ways in doing so. In one of our stories, we focus on an organization that is working towards breaking down these barriers and are including the LGBTQ in the process. 

As for our community, we discuss one output once giving and fundraising turn into viable programs. One of PFUND’s programs is the PRISM grants that go to rural LGBTQ organizations serving their specific populations. We explore how these grants were selected and how they benefit these organizations. 

However, our attention turns to Give To The Max Day. On November 17, you get the opportunity to deliver your best gift to a worthy organization to help them reach their goals for the coming year. In our community, we have several such organizations that are doing good work for us. They are a part of the many benefactors for you to give to on November 17. 

Which brings me to my thoughts on this issue. 

It is important that we create opportunities to invest, give, and support our lives and the lives of others in our community. To create these opportunities, you have to have a plan. Once you set that plan in motion, then you can not only live a wonderful life, but you are also a part of the lives you touch through your investments and gifts. 

There is not a singular plan that fits everyone. Each of us have needs, wants, and dreams. How you reach those goals to achieve them is up to you. 

Back to the question based on the title of this column: Should we talk about money?

It is never an easy conversation to have, but it one that will come into play at certain instances. Such as an impending economic downturn. With inflation driving prices higher than anticipated, these conversations about your money investments, retirement, and giving should be on the forefront as you are picking up this issue – or, reading this online. 

The bottom line is simple: Have a plan, deal with any economic situations the universe will throw at you, and be confident that you will live through anything. 

In all, be smart about your money. 

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