From The Editor: Get Your Money Right!

Photo courtesy of BigStock/ chaylek
Photo courtesy of BigStock/ chaylek

Welcome to our Finance and Year-End Giving Issue!

This issue, we center this theme on one of our favorite topics of discussion – money.

It is a sore subject for some, leverage for others.

It is never easy to discuss money or how we spend it. We either worry about it or don’t care. It seems that there is a lack of middle ground from what I’ve observed in my lifetime.

We know that the economy has been see-sawing a bit. Some predict that it would go one way or another, but not into an extreme. There’s outside forces that are causing stress on our wallets.

There’s also a lot of places that want to give you advice about how to deal with your money. Social media is one place – but, do you trust it to give you proper advice? Do they even know your exact economic situation?

In this issue, we offer a few pearls of wisdom from the experts in finance and business, along with opportunities to do something good with your money.

We know you struggle with handling your taxes every year. We bring you a story about a local tax office that is in our community. They’re a good resource on how to handle the stress of the upcoming tax season.

We also bring in one of our financial experts in our community to guide you through the maze of retirement and investment options for our senior population. There may be some tips you can do now before you face retirement age.

One of our favorite writers also has a new book that will help you in creating and building your investment portfolio. It is our turn to tell his story, instead of him taking us somewhere on vacation.

Another theme regarding investment is to be a business or an entrepreneur. We feature a certification process of LGBTQ+ businesses to get certified, so they can reach the right customers towards creating success.

Of course, we love to give to our favorite causes and organizations. Give To The Max Day is coming up. We give you a glimpse as to what organizations you can give to and how to smartly give to them.

That also includes giving and participating in charity events, such as the Red Undies Run that is coming soon.

The bottom line is simple: Get your money right! Invest it, set up a retirement plan, take care of your debts, spend wisely, give to your favorite charities, and just be happy. That way, you wouldn’t have to have a difficult conversation about money.

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