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Pork Tenderloin, Breaking Bread Catering. Photo by Ashley Moyna

Picking a caterer is tough. From flavor to aesthetics to price point, there is so much to think about. On the off chance that you are having trouble picking a caterer for your upcoming event (COVID-friendly, of course), Lavender would like to introduce you to one of our favorites. Breaking Bread Catering has an incredible selection of menu items that your guests are sure to remember. Breaking Bread Catering is also a part of the local non-profit group Appetite For Change, which means that when you choose Breaking Bread Catering, you are directly supporting a collection of organizations that have been combating food insecurity in Northeast Minneapolis for the last ten years.

Appetite For Change was built by LaTasha Powell, Michelle Horovitz, and Princess Haley. With sub-organizations that specialize in things like urban farming, cooking classes, meal distribution, and more, Appetite For Change is one of the most impactful food-based organizations in the Twin Cities. “We believe food is the key ingredient to nourishing wellbeing,” says President Tasha Powell, “Systemic barriers make accessing fresh food in North Minneapolis a challenge for many. Through youth and workforce development programs, social enterprises, and policy initiatives, we build community capacity to engage with the food system in a fresh and sustainable way.”

As far as catering goes, Breaking Bread Catering does it all: from business lunches and breakfasts to gorgeous dinners. “Breaking Bread Catering highlights the Northside’s richness,” says Communications Director Meagan Healy, “providing a variety of fresh, made-from-scratch dishes and exceptional service for events of any size.” With mouth-watering options like Curried Potato Cakes, Classic Southern Fried Chicken, Slow Cooked Beef Brisket, Vegan BBQ Tofu, and Blackened Shrimp and Cheese Grits Shooters, you will easily fill out a menu that your guests will rave over.

Blackened Shrimp Cheese Grits. Photo by Ashley Moyna

Vice President of Strategy and Finance, Aaron Palm, says that Breaking Bread Catering continues to take full-service orders “on a situational basis, as [they]…have to adapt to the current recommendations to service orders.” Breaking Bread Catering is also looking forward to the warmer months when outdoor catering is an option again.

The need for catering slowed down during the pandemic, but Breaking Bread made the best of the situation by using that extra time to make meals for those in need. This spring Breaking Bread will split in two divisions: a brick-and-mortar café and a catering division with a focus on job training. “We have always been intentional about hiring individuals with barriers to employment,” says Healy, “and providing case management, mentorship, and support to ensure success within the organization and beyond.”

Buffet Service, Breaking Bread Catering. Photo by Ashley Moyna

“[By] visiting Breaking Bread Café (when it opens) or using Breaking Bread Catering, both social enterprises of AFC, you are directly supporting our mission,” says Stephanie Malone, Vice President of Advancement. But if you want to volunteer for the organization as well, there are plenty of ways that you can do that. After all, the food is only half of the reason why we love Breaking Bread Catering. The other half is the litany of impactful projects that the organization spearheads.

“We have an array of ways to volunteer,” Malone continues, “There are many opportunities for folks to help in our seven urban gardens with sowing and tending [the] chemical free crops we cultivate.” Other volunteer options include assisting with meal box delivery, other gardening tasks, and more.

Appetite For Change Community Cooks Meal Box

If you are looking for a long-term volunteer opportunity, Appetite For Change is happy to talk to individuals and groups alike about other projects. Malone continues, “we welcome help from individuals with special professional expertise or knowledge that can be applied to meaningful skills-based volunteer projects. As a nonprofit, we are grateful for volunteers who help amplify our work.”

Appetite For Change is also invested in providing resources and opportunities for the youth of North Minneapolis. This year they diligently recalibrated their mission to make sure that the most prescient youth needs were addressed – specifically new social and emotional needs that have resulted from the pandemic.

Appetite For Change Meal Distribution

“Our youth are facing unprecedented demands of distance learning, limitations on social gatherings, and increased reliance on them to support the care of younger children in the home while parents work,” explains Taronda Richardson, YTOP Program Manager. “We are taking great care to offer low stress and flexible opportunities for our youth to engage in job and leadership training…Our main objective continues to be to provide a safe space for our youth…while also being connected to trusted adults who can aid in healing, support, and personal growth.”

Appetite For Change Urban Farming


Whether you choose to volunteer your time for any of the worthy projects that Appetite For Change facilitates, patronize the restaurants that support Appetite For Change, or use Breaking Bread Catering for your next big event, we are confident that you will love this organization as much as we do.

Visit the Appetite For Change website or their social media channels for more information.

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