Mary’s Sunday Suggestions to Melt the Cold Away


For those of you who can’t stand being out in -30 degree wind-chill on a Sunday, I have two original Netflix suggestions that will make you laugh, cry, empathize and appreciate life.

AJ and the Queen – If you love Drag Queens, this series is for you. Created, written and executive produced by RuPaul and Michael Patrick King, AJ and the Queen will make those dreary winter days a little brighter.

Robert (Ruby Red), played by RuPaul, goes on a cross-county road-trip in his barely functioning RV camper, with a 10 year-old stow-away AJ (a tough-minded, untrusting tomboy, who’s trying to find her mother). Robert and AJ bond over time; both are in need of unconditional love and a reason to keep moving forward. Louis (Robert’s best friend who is a diabetic, blind Drag Queen) finds his own path to stardom, a side-story which blossoms into a wonderful crescendo. Sadly AJ and the Queen ran for only 1 Season; I guarantee you will want more!

Feel Good – Mae Martin created and stars in this comedy/drama. Feel Good will open your eyes to the drug and alcohol temptations that linger behind the curtain for stand-up comedians.

Mae plays herself in this semi-fictional series; a young struggling comic who rises to fame (encountering disappointments along the way, as we all do) and, eventually, hits rock bottom. Mae rips off the band aid and you see it all; the raw effects of addiction on one’s life, friends, lovers and family, while blending humor with a witty dialog throughout each episode. You never stop rooting for Mae to overcome her demons, but it’s a long battle and she needs to face a deeply buried secret. This was my first time seeing Mae’s work as an actor/performer; I was blown-away. Feel Good has 2 Seasons available; once you starting watching, be prepared for a marathon, you won’t want to stop!

Written by Mary Lauer, CFO of Lavender Magazine. Edited and posted by Tressa Stearns.

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