Our Rides: Giving Your Pet The Best with WeatherTech

Photos courtesy of WeatherTech
Photos courtesy of WeatherTech

Traveling with your pets could be a challenge. You can do so, but what if you want something more durable, well-made, and long-lasting to make life easier for your pet?

Bollingbrook, Illinois-based WeatherTech is well known for floor mats for your automobile. They make an all-weather floor covering that protects your carpet underneath. They also make a line of vehicle protection products, such as bumper steps for your truck or SUV, along with mud guards for your lower wheel openings, front end and side window guards.

Did you know that they also make a line of products for pet travel in your vehicle?

A browsing of WeatherTech’s website shows 13 items you can choose from. All are made with WeatherTech’s strong and durable materials at its highest quality.

What does WeatherTech have to offer among the 13 items available? With some help from Fiona Noone, the Director of Marketing at WeatherTech, we chose six of them to spotlight here.

For one, we live in an SUV world. Therefore, not every pet can make it up and over the rear bumper onto the vehicle. WeatherTech produces a PetRamp that makes it easier for pets to walk onto the rear cargo area without having to jump over the rear bumper into the cargo area. The PetRamp is a high-traction, foldable item that can easily fit into the cargo hold away from your pet.

If you have an older pet and own a larger vehicle, you could opt for the EasyRamp that is more compliant. There is an extra section in the middle that helps in balancing your pet as they enter into the cargo hold, along with an easier incline for assisting the pet. The maximum weight of this ramp is 300 pounds.

Protecting a pet while traveling is important. WeatherTech offers a few solutions to help maintain the interior of your vehicle. Behind the second or third row of seats, you can install a Pet Barrier without any drilling or tools to install. It also comes with a bag and kits to extend the barrier or create a fence between your pet and your passengers.

If your pet is able to sit in the back seat, you can equip your vehicle with a Pet Partition, along with Seat and Door Protectors. We want our pets to be closer to us, however we want to ensure that the interior will be in good shape when we sell or trade in our vehicle. The Pet Partition serves as a barrier between the front and rear/second-row seats, while the mesh construction enables your pet to see through. It also comes with pockets for a leash, treats, waste bags, toys, and more.

Both the Seat and Door Protectors are made of water-repellent materials. They are designed to protect your upholstery and door cards from scratching, spills, and other damage. They are specifically designed and made to fit in your vehicle.

WeatherTech not only produces pet products for your vehicle. They also have solutions for your home, as well. For example, they offer a Double High Pet Feeding Bowls that reduce the neck bends a larger pet would make for feeding and drinking. The stand is in light gray with both bowls in white, which is easier to spot. You can also order additional bowls for these stands. In fact, there is a choice of single or double bowl feeders, along with single or double low feeders.

Each of these products are made for every vehicle and home, and made of the same strong materials used on everything WeatherTech produces. One important piece to know about WeatherTech’s pet travel products: They are made at the plant located at their Bollingbrook headquarters. They proudly state that they are indeed made in the U.S.A.

“We have a long history in delivering custom-fitting automotive aftermarket accessories that protect vehicles of different shapes and sizes across the world,” explained Noone. “While we’re car people, we’re also pet people—we’re motivated to protect them too. It’s why we make trustworthy pet solutions that not only keep them safe when on the road but safe when enjoying mealtime at home. Our Pet Barrier, pet ramps, Pet Safety Harness, Pet Partition, non-toxic Pet Feeding System and more are made by a group of passionate people who put as much attention to detail into them as they do our automotive solutions.”

Noone also stated that “[a]s an added bonus, when our customers buy WeatherTech, they’re helping to support the American economy and employment—something we can all feel good about.”

How does one get one of these pet products from WeatherTech? “Customers can find an easy-to-navigate online shopping experience,” Noone explained, “which includes many helpful product overview and installation videos. They can also expect expediency once their order is placed. As a USA-based manufacturer and retailer, our products are in stock and ready to be shipped. They don’t have to wait for overseas delivery!”

“Additionally,” Noone continued, “we offer many different shipping options for their convenience. This enables us to get their favorite auto, home or pet products into their hands quickly. Have questions along the way? No problem. WeatherTech has friendly and knowledgeable agents that can assist with answering any customer questions or concerns.”

Need a quality-made, durable item for your pet? Browse through WeatherTech’s website and find the right item for your best friend.


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