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Photo courtesy of Minnesota Rusco
Photo courtesy of Minnesota Rusco

Whenever you need to remodel your home or to upgrade your windows, door, bathroom, and so forth – who are you going to call?

Minnesota Rusco and companies has been taking your calls, providing estimates, and putting in the work towards making your house a more livable place to live since 1955. 

While your perception of this remodeling company is that they’re big, the company’s website assures its customers that they are “small enough to talk to the owner” of Minnesota Rusco.

Or, as Jay I. Deems, the Owner of Minnesota Rusco Companies, would spell out: “Our Mission speaks to who we are: We exist to create happy customers by giving every employee the opportunity to be the best version of themselves through the values that we display, the training we offer, and the positive environment we provide on a daily basis.”

Jay Deems. Photo courtesy of Minnesota Rusco

The story of Minnesota Rusco has its roots as far back as 1923 in Meadville, Pennsylvania, where they manufactured steel storm windows.  “The Minnesota retail location was opened in 1955 then sold to Mel Hazelwood in 1981,’ explained Deems. “He continued to run the company until 2004 when I joined the company having had a background in window manufacturing and customer service.  We went from offering windows to today where we offer a wide variety of high-end remodeling products and services that we offer the consumer today.”

When you review their website, you will find that Minnesota Rusco’s main emphasis is on remodeling homes from replacing windows and doors to complete bathroom and kitchen renovations. However, there is more to that. Deems explains that the company was split into divisions “in order to hire and develop experts in each individual division. We have bath experts, kitchen experts, window experts, siding experts…etc!  The business is pretty even across divisions.  However, the two hottest remodel projects in the nation are kitchen and bathrooms.  This puts Minnesota Rusco Companies right in the consumer’s sweet spot.”

It is one thing to be ready to get the job. When it comes to home renovations, it all about the execution of the project and the results. In order to achieve these results, can you have a custom job when you hire Minnesota Rusco? “We try to keep it simple yet want to WOW the customer,” explained Deems.  “For instance, our Kitchen division, Rusco Kitchen Remodeling (RKR) we re-imagine and then restyle the existing space working with the customer to choose new drawers, doors, fixtures, floors and countertops to give them a complete new look in 3-5 days instead of 2-5 months.  It has worked very well for us, and our customers just love it!”

Each job is backed by a Limited Lifetime Transferrable Warranty. Deems explained that the warranties are from “the manufacturers and backed by Minnesota Rusco.  We have both labor and product warranties. The transferrable portion is from the manufacture and provides a very good selling benefit should a customer be in the market to sell their home.  What makes the whole warranty process work is that it’s backed by a local company that cares about doing the right thing!”

This translates into satisfied customers. Getting there requires Minnesota Rusco to be engaged with their customers throughout the process. “We call it the 5 Star Customer Experience,” said Deems. “It starts with the first contact with the consumer all the way through completing the project to after the sale service. And while I would like to say we provide that 5 Star service 100% of the time, we fall short with a 4.7 rating.  But since exceeding expectations is our goal, we audit every project to see where we fall short and are constantly improving our processes.”

Photo courtesy of Minnesota Rusco

As with most businesses during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Minnesota Rusco had their challenges growing the business with severe supply chain issues and the availability of personnel to work the jobs. Deems said, “What I am most proud of is how our people have risen to the challenge and continue to outshine our competition!”

Minnesota Rusco is based in New Hope, Minnesota. They have a 3,000 square-foot showroom where you can see the possibilities for your home. While they serve the Twin Cities and communities across Minnesota, Deems explained that they are looking to expand from their New Hope location. “Our plans to move into St. Cloud, Duluth and Rochester are back in play for 2022 and 2023,” said Deems. 

Each business has tenets that drive their success. For Minnesota Rusco, it comes down to their core values. Deems laid them out as such: “1. Treat everyone with love, dignity and respect. 2. When you don’t know what to do…do the right thing… and 3. always put people before profits.” 

If you want to get some renovation work done on your home – whether it is replacing windows or redoing your bathroom – and want someone who can back their work and engage with you throughout the process, contact them. Give them a shot to get the work you want done right. 

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