Minnesota People of Color Pride Festival 2023

Photo by Sophia Hantzes
Photo by Sophia Hantzes

“…the colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky,

Are also on the faces of the people going by…”

The lyrics of the Bob Thiele and George David Weiss song “What a Wonderful World” remind us that Pride is all around if only we’re wise enough to see it.   As a means to that end, the Minnesota People of Color LGBTQ+ Pride Organization will host an event where folk who bear the brunt of two specific minority statuses—queer and non-white—can meet new people, have conversations, share experiences, and build a more diverse queer community.  MN POC Pride will be observed August 14th through August 20th, 2023.  The particulars of the days-long celebration are still being ironed out, but past MN POC Prides have included a Mister and Miss Twin Cities Black Pride Pageant as well as a downright-funkadelic boat ride, among many other events.  

The Minnesota People of Color LGBTQ+ Pride Organization delivers pride by the S.L.I.C.E.—that is, Pride via the means of Sociability, Literary, Inclusion, Charity, and Education.  These principles guide the organization’s other services, offered even when the days aren’t long and the leaves aren’t green.  As delineated on their website, “Our desired outcome for this project is to open doors and carve pathways for people of color and address health disparities in our communities. We are inspired to construct bridges and fill in the gaps between groups of color and mainstream LGBTQ+ associations.”  In other words, the Minnesota People of Color LGBTQ+ Pride Organization is determined to make everyone’s world into a wonderful world.  


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