Lavender Community Pride Award – Non-Profit: Twin Cities Goodtime Softball League

Photo courtesy of the Twin Cities Goodtime Softball League
Photo courtesy of the Twin Cities Goodtime Softball League

Sports can bring people together.

This is a fact since 1979, when the Twin Cities Goodtime Softball League began play. Over 44 seasons, dozens of teams came together to participate in league play, tournaments, and eventually to play in the Gay Softball World Series.

The TCGSL is a proud member of the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance, and an upstanding member of our LGBTQ+ community here in Minnesota. With an open door policy, everyone participates no matter who they are.

This season, there are 52 teams with 1,000 players participating in the league – all convening at Bossen Park in Minneapolis. Some teams have been around for decades, while there have been some new ones over time.

The league also hosts the North Star Classic every Memorial Day Weekend in Eagan. It is a tradition that brings not only TCGSL teams in the tournament, but teams from beyond Minnesota. The league also hosts an all-star game for their athletes in the middle of their Summer Season. Once the champions have been crowned, they move on Fall Ball, where it gives players a better chance to know each other in a less formal competition.  

In response to this award, Chris Overlie, Commissioner of the TCGSL said in. statement: “The Twin Cities Goodtime Softball League (TCGSL) is honored to be named a recipient of Lavender Magazine’s Community Awards in the non-profit category. We are grateful to be recognized for our work to provide a fun and inclusive environment for all players, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.”

The one constant is that the people who play in the TCGSL are always having fun – win or lose. This is how the league builds community and have served it beyond just taking the field. Overlie further stated that “[w]e are excited to continue our journey as a community-based organization that provides a safe and inclusive space for all to play softball and have fun. We look forward to seeing you on the field!”

For giving everyone a chance to be a part of a community through sport, Lavender Magazine congratulates the Twin Cities Goodtime Softball League on their Community Award in the non-profit category this year.

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