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Kiss and Tell

By Terrance Griep / October 7, 2021

The Centre for Sexual Wellness Offers a Forum To Let It All Hang Out “I don’t ever have sex with…

Health Hussy

By Holly Peterson / October 7, 2021

Putting the “Ho” in Holistic “If the pandemic offered me anything positive, it was to reconnect to my love of…

Liv Garber: I Thought You Said This Would Pass

By Andrew Stark / October 7, 2021

Some years ago in Los Angeles, there was one iteration of the Jon Braver production Delusion, which is a seasonal “interactive…

Pop-Up Weddings: Love More, Stress Less

By Shane Lueck / October 7, 2021

Smaller gatherings. Lower cost. Less logistical stress. More intimacy. There are a lot of reasons why couples have gravitated toward…

Blissful Returns: Post-Pandemic Dating

By E.R Shaffer / October 7, 2021

If someone asked me to rank the priorities in my life right now, finding new and meaningful connections would be…

The Ex Factor: How to Forge a Friendship From a Bad Romance

By Mikey Rox / October 7, 2021

Forging a friendship from the extinguished flames of a formerly romantic relationship is no easy task, but shutting him, her…

09.18.21 East Central Pride

By Lavender / October 5, 2021

Walking Shadow Theatre – “Gilgamesh” and “Beowulf”

By Holly Peterson / October 4, 2021

I didn’t expect to find myself blinking back tears less than five minutes into John Heimbuch’s performance of Gilgamesh, but…

Caroline Bowman (Elsa) and Caroline Innerbichler (Anna) take the stage in the Frozen North American Tour

5Q: Frozen

By Shane Lueck / September 30, 2021

“5Q” is an online-only column featuring five questions about stage productions in the Metro Area. Periodically, “5Q” will take the…

Just Break Up: Unsolicited Relationship Advice for the Masses

By Lavender / September 23, 2021

Now in its third year, Just Break Up, a “podcast about love, heartbreak, and all the relationship advice you don’t…

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