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Russian Court Bans ‘LGBT Movement’

The BBC reports that Russia’s Supreme Court has declared what it calls “the international LGBT public movement” an extremist organization and banned its activities across the country. Read more at the BBC


BFL Quarterback Kirk Cousins Partnered With A Rabidly Anti-LGBTQ+ Hate Group

LGBTQNation reports that Kirk Cousins, starting quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, recently appeared in a broadcast touting his support for the rapidly anti-LGBTQ+ organization Focus on the Family (FOTF). Read more at LGBTQNation


Malaysian State’s Gay ‘Rehab’ Centre Plan ‘Amounts To Torture’, LGBTQ Activists Say

The South China Morning Post reports that gay rights activists have panned Malaysia’s Johor state government over a plan to establish a “rehab” centre for people in same-sex relations, calling the widely debunked and ridiculed method to change sexual orientation a “human rights violation” which breaches the constitution. Read more at the South China Morning…


South Africa Poised To Bolster Penalties For Anti-Gay Attacks, Hate Speech

The Washington Blade reports that the South African government is one step closer to ensuring any form of homophobia will be subject to hefty penalties that could include a lengthy prison sentence. Read more at the Washington Blade


Gay Couple In Nepal Becomes The First To Officially Register Same-Sex Marriage In The Country

The Connecticut Post reports that a gay couple in Nepal on Wednesday became the first in the nation to receive official same-sex marriage status, as the Himalayan nation is one of the first in Asia to allow it. Read more at the Connecticut Post


Providing Sexual Health Services To Gay Men In Kenya – Where Gay Sex Is Illegal

Aidsmap reports that Kenyan healthcare providers and staff atuniversity clinics expressed a duty of care for young gay and bisexual men – even when this conflicted with their personal beliefs and when they felt ill-equipped to do so – according to a recent qualitative study. Read more at Aidsmap


Rainbow House, A Joy To His Daughters, Is Also Omahan’s Response To Neighbor’s Comments

The Omaha World-Herald reports that the last color had barely dried on the “rainbow house” in Dundee last weekend when owner Ryan Basye started receiving calls and texts. Read more at the Omaha World-Herald


Gay Activists In Russia Fear Arrest As The Court Weighs ‘Extremist’ Listing

NBC reports that members of Russia’s LGBTQ community fear a court ruling due on Thursday will label them “extremists” and pave the way for arrests and prosecutions of those who speak out for gay and transgender people. Read more at NBC


Under Kentucky’s ‘Gay Panic’ Defense, Victim’s Sexuality Is Seen As Justification For Murder

The Courier Journal reports that if you’re charged with murdering someone who is queer or trans in Kentucky, you may have a powerful legal defense on your side—Kentucky is one of a plethora of states that allows for you to excuse that murder on the basis that your violence was a justified reaction to the…


India’s LGBTQ+ Community Holds Pride Marc, Raises Concerns Over Country’s Restrictive Laws

The Star Tribune reports that more than 2,000 people took part in a gay pride event in New Delhi, waving rainbow flags and multicolored balloons as they celebrated sexual diversity in India but also raised concerns over the country’s restrictive laws. Read more at the Star Tribune

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