Patrick Boland

A Few Words: The Pacific Southwest

We crammed in the van, smiling far too broadly, laughing far too much. The music playlist started. We cranked up…

A Few Words: 20 Rules for Forming a #Squad

Assemble approximately four to eight other gay men. Make sure everyone who isn’t in the group hates himself on a daily…

A Few Words: Christmas Eve

Christmas and the holiday season should be the happiest time of the whole year: the entire family gathered together, group…

2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Patrick Boland

As an homage to my alma mater, St. Olaf College, I thought I would organize my six-item Christmas list into…

A Few Words: Hook-Up In Amsterdam

Overheard at a coffee shop: “Gay men these days are just about hooking up. If only they could learn to…

A Few Words: Homosexual

I can remember in the seventh grade, hiding in the back of the library, flipping through the Encyclopedia Britannica. My…

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