Jennifer Parello

Everyday Drama: In Death, There Is Life

By Jennifer Parello / April 23, 2020

Photo courtesy of BigStock/azur13 I’d like to tell you about the day I learned my mom was terminally ill. It’s…

Everyday Drama: Heartbreak Hotel

By Jennifer Parello / March 12, 2020

Photo courtesy of BigStock/ilixe48 My spouse didn’t realize that she hated people living on top of us until after we…

The Block Party: Final Episode

By Jennifer Parello / January 16, 2020

(In our first two episodes, my spouse and I were invited to a block party organized by our neighbors, but…

Everyday Drama: The Block Party: Episode 2

By Jennifer Parello / November 7, 2019

(In our first episode, my spouse and I were belatedly invited to our neighborhood block party. We suspected that homophobia…

Everyday Drama: The Block Party – Episode 1

By Jennifer Parello / September 26, 2019

The invitation to the block party came late at night. I woke one morning to find it slipped under our…

Everyday Drama: Day of the Dolphin

By Jennifer Parello / August 15, 2019

About a year ago, I started reading a book about attempts by human researchers to communicate with dolphins. Most of…

Everyday Drama: The Will

By Jennifer Parello / June 20, 2019

“I’ve had it! I’m calling my lawyer and changing my will!” That’s how a close friend started a phone conversation…

Eulogy For A Good Boy

By Jennifer Parello / June 6, 2019

He wasn’t the type of heroic and selfless dog you’d see in a Disney movie. He was a coward—except if…

Everyday Drama: A Day In the Life of a Step Parent

By Jennifer Parello / April 11, 2019

You wake up and make your lunch. Hide your lunch on the back porch so the kid doesn’t grab it by…

Everyday Drama: Dog Park Diary

By Jennifer Parello / March 28, 2019

We leave for the park at 7 a.m. We used to go much earlier—between 4 and 5 a.m. Before coffee.…

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