Z Wines Brings Sunshine to Twin Cities Oenophiles

The French, known for their love of wine, have a proverb that is one any wine lover should live by: A day without wine is like a day without sunshine. In the Twin Cities, we all know what a day without sunshine is like, and let’s just say, we prefer our sunshine any day of the week. Z Wines USA is here to help us get those rays daily.

Having entered the market on July 1, 2006, Z Wines has developed a small but loyal following of retail customers and distribution, while at the same time building some well-deserved brand recognition among its consumers.

Beginning in the wine lands of South Africa, owners Roy and Dianne __________ were blessed with opportunities to experience some of the best food and wine the area had to offer. After spending years in this wine-nurturing environment, and being mentored by some of the best wine producers there, they brought their influences to America. Now, it’s our turn to appreciate some of the best wine around.

Already recognized around the country, Z Wines only has been on the rise. An impromptu tasting by staff and management at Angus Barn in Raleigh, North Carolina, turned fruitful, as they asked that the Wines of Paul & Hugo de Villiers Hugo’s Hill Cape Vintage be placed on their prestigious wine list. That very wine is now the fifth-largest-selling brand at one of Z Wines retailer locations.

Not enough for you to give Z Wines a taste?

Local wine tastings have transformed every type of wine drinker. Z Wines’s Antis Chardonnay rapidly has become the wine that takes the anti-Chardonnay drinker, and turns him or her around. Not knowing what a good Chardonnay should taste like, these new fans find that they just were not given a good Chardonnay, where the fruit is given an opportunity to find its expression. The same is being said of the award-winning Wines of Paul & Hugo de Villiers Bush Camp Our Daily Red, which is taking ardent white wine drinkers, and opening new horizons on the red side.

To try Z Wines, and taste what a real wine should taste like, visit www.ZwinesUSA.com. Or come to Lavender’s monthly First Thursday, of which Z Wines is now the official wine sponsor.

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