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I don’t have much experience with sunrooms. They always conjure images of octogenarians tending to various cacti and other dusty houseplants. Sunrooms seem an oxymoron of sorts—bringing the outside in. As a Californian, my thoughts always had been: Why not just simply go outside? That was before I spent my first winter here. The idea of a sunroom makes more sense in this part of the country, where the temperature gets so cold that it freezes thermometers.

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I believe Lewis Black had it all figured out when he said of a particularly frigid season, “I believe the good people of New York should have literally been out there every day with aerosol cans!”

Soon, I learned that my angry attitude this winter was not a frostbite of the personality, but rather an actual condition. What I had was called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). I was happy to learn that it had a reasonably cheery cure. SAD is, as the doctor explained, caused by a lack of sunlight exposure in the longer, darker winter months, which has a depressing effect. The cure: more sunlight. Perhaps that’s a difficult undertaking, considering most of the state felt like the inside of a Kenmore at the time.

Yet, a solution is at hand, and TEMO Sunrooms has just the product. A number of companies make sunrooms, so why is TEMO’s special? This will astound you. I love facts that just blow away competition. It’s like a good bitch-slap—incredibly satisfying. This company seems to have done just that: trounced the competition.

TEMO currently is the largest manufacturer of thermal sunrooms in North America. Its fully customizable designs allow them to be tailored perfectly to every home’s style and decor. Perusing the list of options is dizzying. So is reading TEMO’s brag list.

According to owner and design consultant Robert Maietta, in a number of instances, hurricanes have swept through regions of Florida, leveling houses, and destroying property, yet, many times, the sunrooms were the only things left standing. Presently, because of their solid construction, these sunrooms are the only ones allowed to be constructed in Miami-Dade County following the tightening of the county’s building regulations. They’re tested to withstand 150 mph winds. Think about that the next time tornado season comes around.

And it gets even better. The entire sunroom comes with a mind-boggling warranty. Because it is made from Kevlar, the same material put into bulletproof vests, the sunroom almost indestructible. What’s more, it’s completely impervious to UV light, meaning it will not fade or degrade in any way. Thus, TEMO can guarantee full replacement in the event of any sort of damage.

“Something that makes us unique is that we build to last for life. We build to look good for life,” Maietta says. “In the 6,000 to 7,000 TEMO sunrooms in the Cities, I get maybe five and six calls for repairs a year.”

Certainly an impressive track record. But for now, I’m going to enjoy all these summer days. Guys jogging shirtless around Lake Calhoun, farmers markets, and fading tan lines—all signs that summer has arrived. While I’m going to soak up as much of the sun as possible, its nice to know I already have a plan for getting rid of the next wintertime blues.

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