Word of the Day: Class

I started a dinner club with some friends. It’s fun. We take trips to different restaurants each month.

A lovely proposition to put before someone, as the summer crosses the horizon: Before you hop into that skimpy swimsuit, why not stuff your face with a ton of food, and load up on the booze?

Nah, it’s fun, though. We make people who’ve never met sit next to each other, give them conversation starters, and watch the sparks fly. Thankfully, no actual sparks yet. Everyone has gotten along fine so far. You should try your own version sometime.

Our conversation-starters are questions—ones you’d never otherwise ask someone you’ve just met, but because everyone’s in the same boat, it’s OK.

One of the questions to ask your newly acquainted dinner partner: “What do you like about me?”

Totally awkward? Yep. Classy? You have to be there. Fun? You bet your ass it is.

Anyway, during a recent dinner at Seven (delish), everyone just knew I was the one who’d come up with that question. “Jusssssstinnnnn,” they said accusingly, wagging the “Index Finger of Inflection,” “Did you come up with this question?”

No comment. I don’t want to think too much about what that insinuation means. Would you?

In other news, we (my roomie, Ty, and I) had a great big after-bar party in celebration of—uh, being alive? Among those in attendance: the fabulous and rare Pat, whose night usually ends at 1 AM on the weekends. Isn’t that when it’s just getting good? I kid, I kid. Anyway—if he’s still alive at 3 AM, you know it’s gonna be good, and this time was no disappointment.

Pat is awesome, because he’s one of those people who acts the same drunk as he does sober: fun all the time, while the rest of us walk around like we have a stick up our ass until we have a few shots.

I digress. The after-bar party recap: [SORRY, WE CANNOT PUBLISH THIS TASTELESS MATERIAL—ed.]…and that’s when she said it was a lobster that was caught up there. Whew! Good times, good times.

So, go get gussied up, and throw a dinner party, an after-bar party, whatever! Go have fun, and play safe. That’s class.

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