Wilde Roast Café Presents Moreau Reading from Chelsea Boy

Poet Craig Moreau will read from his debut collection of poems, Chelsea Boy, published by Chelsea Station Editions, on June 21, 7 PM, at Wilde Roast Café, Minneapolis.

Part memoir, part history, Chelsea Boy, explores the author’s transformation from small-town Iowa boy to big-city Chelsea Boy. Inspired by the famous Manhattan gayborhood and its vibrant nightlife, Moreau’s poems explore the pleasures and complexities of a resilient community.

Writer Michael Cunningham says, “Craig Moreau’s Chelsea Boy is a true original, in many senses of the word. It’s simultaneously a serious collection, and a book of poetry intended for readers who don’t usually read poetry at all. Moreau is a passionate, gifted poet, and with Chelsea Boy, he enters terrain far too seldom poetically traversed.”

Poet Tom Healy shares, “I never had the body or the stamina to be a Chelsea Boy. But Craig Moreau obviously has both…and the rare lyrical talent to give voice to a shirts-off, drugs-kicked-in world of sex, sadness, beauty, and truths that are sometimes fabulous, sometimes shameless, sometimes still deadly. Here is a full parade of the wicked and the pretty, ghosts and the living, the self-absorbed and the quietly self-knowing—all dancing to Moreau’s spare, honest, and seductive music.”

Craig Moreau Chelsea Boy Reading
June 21, 7 PM
Wilde Roast Café
65 Main St. SE, Mpls.
(612) 331-4544

5100 Eden Ave, Suite 107 • Edina, MN 55436
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