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Most homeowners wait until spring to begin their next home improvement project. While the hesitation to remodel when temperatures are below freezing makes perfect sense, it ultimately may not be the best decision. The problem is simple economics: Everyone else in the Twin Cities wants their windows, doors, or siding replaced in the spring and summer as well, so prices go up. Moreover, start that project in the peak of the busy season, and depending on which company you work with, you may not rate very high on its priority list.

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If you still are not convinced that February is the best time to start replacing your windows, siding, or doors, talk to Steve Brager, CEO of Universal Windows Direct in Minnesota.

Brager says, “We keep the home as clean as possible, and take the minimum of windows out at a time, so that the homeowner isn’t inconvenienced. A fast, clean process doesn’t take considerably long. We can do ten windows in about one day.”

Moreover, Universal Windows Direct offers special incentives throughout the winter months—for example, free Triple Pane window upgrades, which minimize outdoor noise and dust, while maximizing energy efficiency. Of course, any new high-quality windows and doors start saving your house’s precious heat energy as soon as you install them.

Brager explains, “That’s one of the things people miss out on. They wait until spring, when they could have had it done during the winter, and had their house be more comfortable.”

New windows, doors, and siding also are wonderful ways to add value to your home quickly and easily—and in this economy, price point is king. Universal Windows Direct is able to buy all these products directly from the factory, passing the savings on to homeowners.

Brager remarks, “There are no big markups like big window companies usually do. We’re saving money, giving a quality product and good customer service.”

To make every step of the process easy, a Universal Windows Direct consultant will come to a prospective customer’s home to give free quotes, and recommend products that best will suit needs and budget.

Nowadays, making your home more energy-efficient also comes with a nice tax credit. To full take advantage of it, call Universal Windows Direct or visit the website for more information.

Name of Company: Universal Windows Direct
Year Twin Cities Franchise Founded: 2008
Minnesota Franchise President/CEO:
Steve Brager
Number of Year-Round Employees: 4
Phone: (612) 866-2888
Website: www.universalwindowsmn.com

5100 Eden Ave, Suite 107 • Edina, MN 55436
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