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In tough economic times, one of the first ways some people try to save money is to cut back on insurance. Those television ads would lead you to believe it’s easy to do so: Just call an online insurance company, and get a cheaper rate instantly. Moreover, insurance isn’t something you think about on a daily basis, so it doesn’t seem like you would miss it. But if you do get a cheaper policy with a disreputable company, and something goes wrong, it may be a choice you’ll regret. That cheaper insurance policy isn’t such a great buy if your coverage is less than you thought, or worse—the company won’t pay your claim.

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Unlike some online insurance companies, which may lack the ability to pay a large claim, a policy through State Farm Insurance is much more reliable, according to agent Tim Wagner.

Wagner says, “I would say it’s more important than ever that people are with a strong company, so when they do have a claim, that company is going to be there for them.”

With 19 years of experience in the business, Wagner has seen it all when it comes to misleading policies and fickle practices of other companies.

Rather than going with a questionable company, a better way to save money on insurance is to stick with a reputable firm, but schedule a meeting with your agent to discuss a policy that may be more appropriate.

Wagner explains, “We certainly work with people daily on trying to get the best insurance for the price, and if that means increasing the deductible to save money, that’s what we try to work with.”

It’s a common practice for a State Farm agent to meet with customers annually to discuss insurance needs, review coverage, and adjust a policy accordingly. When it comes time to paying a claim, that kind of one-on-one interaction becomes even more important.

Wagner remarks, “One of our biggest things is, we focus on customer service, and you’re always going to get a live person when you call here.”

No one wants to think about being in a serious car accident or the victim of a theft, but an insurance company like State Farm offers the peace of mind that if something were to happen, you wouldn’t be dealing with it alone. That’s what insurance should be all about.

Name of Company: State Farm Insurance
Year Founded: 2004
Tim Wagner
Number of Employees: 5
Address: 14635 Excelsior Blvd., Minnetonka
Phone: (952) 935-1141
Website: www.timwagneragency.com

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