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For such a benevolent-sounding name, the American justice system can be intimidating for anyone who becomes involved in a legal proceeding. First, the language: thick, confusing, and full of jargon. Then, the threat of loss: of assets or of lifestyle. That combination is enough to produce one of the most stressful situations in the modern American lifestyle. By the time someone walks into a lawyer’s office, the person is not necessarily at his or her best.

“In my view, that’s part of the challenge of the work,” attorney Fabian Hoffner says. “But there’s a whole lot of courage out there. And it’s an uplifting experience to be able to help people through these problems.”

A former Assistant Attorney General for the State of Minnesota, Hoffner now specializes in criminal law such as DUI and civil litigation. He describes his work as “straight-up law,” but it is his approach that distinguishes him. Inspired by the growing field of alternative medicine, he takes a more holistic approach to practicing law.

As Hoffner explains, “The idea of practicing law, for me, is the idea of solving problems. And there’s a great challenge to be able to look at a set of problems, and find the best way out for someone. And that’s what a good lawyer does: They look at the whole person, instead of just that problem in just that moment.”

A good lawyer, then, is required to be more than an expert in navigating the legal system. He or she must be a good listener, able to relate to the client, and able to divine the best approach to take to get the desired outcome.

Hoffner states, “It’s important for a client to look for an attorney that they feel comfortable with, and have a trust level with.”

In addition, Hoffner takes extra time to explain legal jargon to his clients, and to make sure they understand their rights.

The Hoffner Firm offers free consultations for potential clients to help determine whether a case has merit, and if the attorney/client relationship is a compatible one.

Hoffner remarks, “Even though people aren’t at their best when I see them, it’s a joy to see them, and to see them come out on the other end.”

Name of Company: The Hoffner Firm
Year Founded: 2001
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