Techline Twin Cities: Reinvented Wall Beds Allow Homeowners To Maximize Space

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We buy it. We sell it. We trade it. We explore it. We even war over it. It’s space, and in these efficiency-obsessed times, maximizing it is key to modern life. Recently, the canniest of designers have imposed a specific brand of schizophrenia on living space, reinventing that toothless, redheaded stepchild of ergonomics, the wall bed.

Photos Courtesy of Techline Twin Cities.

Of course, wall beds are snoozing implements that swoop up at the head end for storage inside a bed-shaped closet, implementing an ingenuity that would make Angus MacGuyver pine like a jilted prom date. The two most common styles are known as panel and bifold door style.

Our Twin Towns are in on this trend, and one of its setters is Techline Twin Cities, a local company that refers to itself as “the region’s leading specialist in fitted furniture solutions for home and office.”

A common permutation of the wall bed concept, according to Techline cofounder Kevin Pfeifer, is a workaholic’s dream-come-true: a combination office and bedroom.

Pfeifer says, “My clients seem very excited about the possibility of freeing up valuable square footage, or capturing a spare room for a home office that was devoted exclusively to a guest bedroom.”

These clients wish to shoehorn two functions into one room.

“One room, two uses,” Pfeifer promises. “That’s what we call double duty.”

It’s no accident that brings sleepers to Techline, nor the blind pursuit of cool.

Pfeifer notes, “Most of my clients have been introduced to the wall bed for the first time by our advertising.”

The notion that wall beds make for involuntary insomnia foisted upon visiting not-distant-enough relatives is obsolete, if it ever was accurate. Modern wall beds are built with the aspirant sleeper’s dreamtime in mind.

“As far as comfort goes, our wall beds have a standard inner spring mattress, or even a one-sided pillow top mattress,” Pfeifer points out. “We have many clients that sleep on our wall bed every night.”

It’s worth noting that the process of transformation from bed to wall doesn’t inspire eight hours’ worth of exhaustion.

As Pfeifer explains, “The mechanism that lowers the bed is spring-balanced, and makes the bed as light as a feather. It is easy to operate and safe to use.”

The wall beds from Techline Twin Cities are available in a full spectrum of sizes: twin, full, queen (Lavender’s personal favorite), and king.

But what about the other two-thirds of the day? What about the time that a wall bed is, well, a wall? More than 40 combinations are ready to be folded into clients’ expectations, as eight wood laminates and five solid laminates vie for attention.

Another accessory is an inset or raised front in laminate or hardwood. Either serves as a decorative front when the wall bed is a wall, and as support when the wall bed is a bed.

Ultimately, it’s all about space. And with the installation of a wall bed, we can—whether waking or sleeping—do with it what we should do with any valuable commodity: Save it.

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