Talking to Strangers

I really, really like meeting new people. Guys, girls, straight, gay, old, young, rich, poor—you name it. It might be my favorite thing to do in the whole world. Except for hanging with friends. And going out. And going out on dates. And cuddling. And, er (blush), chicken fried rice.

Anyway, yeah, so meeting new people is one of my favorite things. I wanted to meet you here today for that very reason. More on that in a second. First, a little bit about your fabulously-flawed-yet-all-around-nice friend from the South….

When I’m out on the town playing with my friends, and someone catches my eye, I approach him. I do it in a variety of ways, and I’m met with varying degrees of success.

Meeting new people isn’t always easy. There’s an art, maybe a shamelessness, to extending your hand to a total stranger, and I’m by no means a social artist. I know just enough to get by, and especially with the aid of social lubricant, I feel very little pause when I want to say hello.

An example of a chance encounter with one of the misjudged: Justin sees douchey-looking guy from across the room. Justin doesn’t think he really is douchey. Justin wants to know everything about him.

Justin: “Hi, I’m Justin.”

Douchey: (surprised) “Hi, I’m [not douchey].”

No one else wants to talk to this guy, because they think he looks like an ass. Really, he’s pretty damn cool, and ends up being an awesome person. True story.

Not everyone likes my forwardness in meeting new people, though. Many don’t believe I’m being genuine. Some think I’m looking to take them home, but my befriending success rate is pretty good, and I’ve made some of my closest friends this way.

Then, there was you. Thanks for showing up. If you’re still interested, I want to know more. I’d like to share with you some over-the-top adventures, and I’d like to hear your own.

This is my second column running in Lavender. If my other one, “Through These Eyes,” is the heavy-handed entrée, “Sugar & Spice” is the sexy and sweet social dessert.

Consider this your invitation to come out and play with me! If you see me out and about, you better say hi.

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