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Shopping for insurance is a task many customers would like to be over quickly. But if you don’t do your homework, and just go with the best price, you might be setting yourself up for disaster.

Steven Wolfson, an insurance agent with Farmers Insurance Group, says, “I have a lot of people that just want to get the thing taken care of. Then, the minute a claim happens, they realize that they just dove into what was cheap, and wasn’t necessarily suited to what their needs really were.”

In the past, Internet insurance companies attracted business largely by advertising low rates, while glossing over reduced benefits. But Wolfson is seeing the market shift in a more positive direction.

Wolfson notes, “I think people are coming back to service. Also, as far as price is concerned, the larger carriers are now very competitive.”

That’s not to say lowball offers with shoddy coverage still aren’t out there, but Wolfson encourages buyers to trust their gut.

As Wolfson puts it, “If it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true.”

Finding the right insurance policy should take some time, both for the buyer and for the agent. A good agent will get to know a client’s needs fully before recommending a policy.

Wolfson observes, “If you’re not answering many questions, the agent isn’t digging. No agent can just set you up with a policy without digging.”

That’s true of every aspect of Wolfson’s business, which includes homeowner’s insurance, life insurance, business insurance, and auto insurance.

Wolfson explains, “If you have an Internet policy, and you let your neighbor drive your car, are they covered or not? There’s more to an insurance contract than just the coverages that are shown on the declaration page.”

Fortunately, having a detailed conversation with an insurance agent doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Clients actually tend to walk out of Wolfson’s office happy, knowing that they were well-taken-care-of, and that their new policy truly has their back.

Throughout his years in the business, Wolfson, who frequently attends Bingo A-GoGo, has enjoyed an especially close relationship with the GLBT community. He strives to get same-sex couples the same discounts that heterosexual married couples receive, and help them achieve legal protection through adequate life insurance.

Even if Wolfson is not your insurance agent, he still makes a point of answering any questions or concerns regarding your insurance policies. Just give him a call, or make an appointment to stop by his office.

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