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Most advice columnists optimistically assert that it’s easy to meet people. “Just volunteer at your church!” is a phrase I hear irritatingly often, right next to “Find a good bar!” and “There’s always the Internet.” But I’ve noticed that most of those columnists haven’t been single since the early ’90s. They seem to have forgotten how uncomfortable and random it is to scout a local bar, and the Internet…well, that’s a whole different level of awkwardness.
Melissa Prindle. Photo Courtesy of Melissa Prindle

Being single shouldn’t be a source of shame, but somehow, putting your picture on the Internet, and marketing yourself as a kind of “product” are always absolutely mortifying. Plus, you never really know whom you’re dealing with if you are contacted by a prospective date.

Melissa Prindle, owner of Simply Introduced, cautions, “I’ve read that half the people online are misrepresenting themselves, either by age or picture or marital status. I think that makes it tricky.”

Tricky, to say the least. Add in that you’re gay, so your dating pool is a much smaller percentage of the population. Let’s face reality: It is most certainly not easy to meet compatible people.

The good news is, the Twin Cities is now home to Simply Introduced, the only personal matchmaking service in our area that will work with everyone, regardless of sexual orientation.

It’s not an Internet dating site. Prindle sits down with her clients one on one. She gets to know them and their desires in a potential partner. Clients don’t need to fill out any forms or take any personality quizzes.

When Prindle finds what may be a good match, she gives both clients a call to see if they’re interested in meeting each other. If she gets approval from both, she exchanges their names and phone numbers, then lets the rest happen naturally.

Prindle shares, “I’ve found that once people have good potential with somebody, actually talking and finding something to do on a date is the easy part. Finding someone is the hard part.”

Prindle’s clients pay her not for a set number of dates, but for a period of time. For example, 18 months of services costs $500—and yes, financing options are available. But unlike most Internet dating sites, should you meet someone toward the beginning of that period, you can pause your membership for up to two years.

Prindle remarks, “I like to make sure that everybody is aware that my goal is their goal: helping them find their next great relationship.”

To request a meeting with Prindle, call (612) 424-9189, or visit

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