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I always have marveled at the dedication that some people will put into their lawns—hours upon hours of lawn grooming under the blazing sun to perfect the beauty of their flowers, shrubs, and grass. Yet, at no time have I ever seen all those lawn lovers reaching for their trees. Seems as long as the leaves are on the trees and not the grass, it’s good enough for even the most dedicated.

But after talking with Ryan’s Tree Care, I learned that tree care involves so much more than just looking at them.

“Tree trimming is one of the most important maintenance practices for you to understand when assessing the trees in your yard. Basically, there are two main objectives in trimming trees and shrubs: maintenance trimming services improve or protect your trees’ health and overall structure; hazard-reduction tree trimming identifies potential risks and visible concerns in your trees, and addresses specific dangers in order to maximize tree safety,” Ryan says.

This goes beyond just cutting off dead or damaged branches, as Ryan adds, “Proper pruning techniques will also increase the air flow through the canopy, which will help reduce the risk of storm damage.”

Still, even the best-tended trees can fall to the horrors of disease. You take care of yourself with preventative maintenance, and trees are no different.

“Tree disease diagnosis and treatment begins with an inspection of your trees. During an inspection, we will be able to determine the overall health of the tree, identify specific tree diseases, and recommend any needed tree services to preserve the vitality of your property,” Ryan explains.

This means that if you do it soon enough, you may be able to save that 50-year-old birch you love so much.

The foregoing is just a small intro to tree care. Much more should be considered when handling the health and look of your trees, and proper research should be done before ever attempting it. If you’re willing to spend hours each week ensuring your grass and flowers are just right, you ought to be willing to invest just as much time on your trees.

Ryan’s Tree Care offers some tips when it comes to hiring a tree-care professional:

• A tree-care professional is just that—someone who knows how to care for and where to plant trees to utilize them best.

• As with all workers who enter your home, make sure he or she has insurance to cover any accidents that may occur.

• Know who is doing the work. Improper tree care can take years to fix. Ask for references.

• Get more than one estimate. Never go with the cheapest to save money. Look into the estimates to find the best one for your needs.

Trees not only can add beauty to a home, but also can decrease cooling costs by shading it. On top of that, a properly trimmed tree, like a well-landscaped yard, can add value to your otherwise lovely home.

So, next time you decide to do some yard work, look up, and see if your trees can use some of that tender loving care, too.

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