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I have found the standard by which all things green can be measured. Right in our backyard—in the Lyn-Lake neighborhood of Minneapolis, to be exact—the standard sits in the heart of a truly unique urban experience.

There is no place quite like it. Frana Construction and Greco Development have joined together to give the Cities its first totally green living experience. An incredibly ambitious undertaking to say the least, the new ecocomplex promises to be an inspiration, and the shape of things to come.

Green Construction Blue apartments are built to be ecofriendly literally from below ground up—common for most building, but as with all things green, things that seem simple can prove quite complex. Even before construction begins, the green mind-set is in place. By using local contractors and local products, Blue can save energy and cut down on pollution by reducing miles traveled. It also used a contractor that builds offsite to exact specification virtually to eliminate wasted material and construction waste.

Photos Courtesy of Greco Development

Once construction begins, the green comes out even more. All the building’s numerous balconies and patios are designed to maximize the benefits of the sun. Some are set into the building to prevent overheating and offset cooling costs. And, depending on the direction the unit faces, others are designed to maximize sunlight during the winter months for the opposite reason.

Green Living From the minute you walk in, everything you see, touch, or feel has been thought out carefully to be ecofriendly. Blue has found a way to integrate green sensibility with modern luxury—energy-star stainless-steel appliances, high-efficiency halogen lighting, and low-flow contemporary pluming fixtures—to be expected. Think beyond the obvious. Woodwork, including flooring, all is made from bamboo, a highly renewable resource. Carpeting is 100 percent recycled material, though you never would know by looking at it. The selection of bright paints is all low-EFC and ozone-friendly. Each unit is equipped with a programmable thermostat, making it easy to be green and save money. When all is said and done, Blue expects its residents to save up to 50 percent on their electric bills because of the incredible effectiveness of the green construction.

Green Community At Blue, living green doesn’t stop at your apartment door. The entire community is set up in a way that reflects a sustainable lifestyle. The building encourages its residents to look beyond. Preferred parking is available for those with alternative fuel vehicles. Hookups are already in place for electric and plug-in hybrids. Possibilities are a community car and carpool services. The Blue location is such that busing and biking are a breeze. Announcements are delivered via e-mail and a community resource channel, cutting paper waste to zero. The pool, spa, sauna, and fitness studio—all included in the rent—are designed with the same signature green construction, and provided for convenience as well as to be an inspiration to other nongreen alternatives

When To Act Residents will begin moving in on July 1, with construction wrapping up in early November. With a multitude of different floor plans ranging from efficiency studios to three-bedroom penthouse lofts, you’re sure to find a unit perfect for you. The rental offices are at 29th and Lyndale. Stop in, and ask about all the unique features Blue has to offer, for they are far too many to mention within the confines of a single article. Leasing agents are friendly and quite knowledgeable. Let them show you how to begin your new green life by living Blue.

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