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Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus Presents Divas!

To help celebrate Pride Month and the close of its season, Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus (TCGMC) is presenting Divas! In Praise of Gay Men’s Female Icons. That means it’s time to break out the feather boas and sequins for a fabulous night of music and fanboydom. The glamorous gals who became female icons in the gay community include Ethel Merman (“No Business Like Show Business”), Judy Garland (“The Trolley Song”), Carol Channing and Marilyn Monroe (“Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”), Madonna (“Material Girl” and “Vogue”), and Cher (“Believe”). TCGMC will and must celebrate them all! The concerts take place June 26 and 27, 8 PM, at Ted Mann Concert Hall, University of Minnesota. To get tickets before they all are snatched up, visit <www.tcgmc.org>.

Sibley Bike Depot Supports Community

Sibley Bike Depot, a community not-for-profit bike shop, is a volunteer-run organization whose philosophy is, according to John Carlson, a committed board member, “Change the model, change the outcome.” In the process of shifting the organization to be more community-based, the goal is to make it more participatory, open, and democratic—more accountable and accessible. Based on the doing-it-yourself idea, Sibley has expanded its hours so people can come in to work on their bikes, use tools, and even ask mechanics on hand for help—all free of charge. The shop will have Women and Trans Night every Tuesday, so people who traditionally are marginalized by the bike world can feel totally welcomed. For more information, visit <www.sibleybikedepot.org>.

Fruit Bowl Is Alcohol- and Tobacco-Free

After its success last year, Minnesota Tobacco-free Lavender Communities (MTLC) coalition members Rainbow Health Initiative, Pride Institute, and Neighborhood Involvement Programs are hosting the second annual Fruit Bowl. The only official Twin Cities Pride Kickoff event that is completely alcohol- and tobacco-free, it takes place June 26 at Elsie’s Bowling Center, 720 Marshall Street NE, Minneapolis, promising to be a fun-filled time for all members of the GLBT community. Believing everyone in the GLBT community should get to enjoy Pride, MTLC has created a place for those who do not wish to partake in alcohol- or tobacco-filled events, as well as those in recovery, to celebrate Pride. It is also the perfect place for GLBT families for healthier Pride alternatives around Pride. For more information, e-mail Garrett Boardman at
<[email protected]>, or call (877) 499-7744.

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