Pride Advice

Jeepers! It’s Pride again!

Welcome to the time of year when our Family, that big ol’ LGBTQA…XYZ group, comes out to play in a great big celebration of reflection and empowerment.

Many of you reading this are seasoned Pride veterans. You’ve danced, drank, took pictures, drank, met new friends, drank, and then regretted those tags on Facebook, for years. You’ve partied at the greatest Prides in America, and now you’re gearing up to bring in another year of being who you are—proudly.

This will be my first Pride in the Twin Cities. I’ve lived here a year-and-a-half, but I missed last year, ’cause my burfday is July 2, and I traveled away for it in 2010. I’ll ring in 25 with my Minneapolis Family this year, though, and I’m pumped.

To prepare for Pride 2011, I sat down with a few witty friends to get the lowdown on some tips for navigating Pride successfully.

Our tragically telling conversation follows. Remember, let ye without sin….

Justin Hey, guys! I have Cheetos fingers. [Meeting recesses.] OK, so, hey, team! What are some tips for having a fun Pride this year?

Martyn Wear sunscreen!

Justin Off to a great start! Thanks, Martyn!

Martyn Justin, that doesn’t mean lotion you use in the tanning salon. You need to use something that protects your skin.

Justin [Cough] Moving on. Brandon?

Brandon Sunday morning mimosa “brunch” becomes Sunday morning mimosa “breakfast.” The parade starts at 11, so you gotta start early.

Justin Drink early. Check plus! Lyle?

Lyle If you experience Pride without meeting any outrageous, awesome, albeit tragically drunk people, you missed Pride. Put it on your calendar next year. By the way, don’t use my real name in the magazine, and do not use “Lyle” as my alias.

Justin Shouldn’t have told me, Lyle. Not one bit. Jordan?

Jordan If you’re getting to the Sunday night party late, and you’re sober…well, just don’t. Also, don’t let it bother you if a cop wakes you up at a bus stop the morning after.

Justin Isn’t that a normal Tuesday morning for you?

Final Advice: Meet new people, be safe, and have fun.

Can’t wait to see everyone at Pride!

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