Pic of the Litter: Peggy Krizak Creates Unique Pet Portraits

The truly gifted people in this world may not have a lot of money or the flashiest of career paths, but they have known the deep and meaningful love that is possible with a cherished pet. They truly will appreciate the realistic pet portraits created by artist Peggy Krizak.

Although she was an artist at an early age, Krizak didn’t turn to art as a source of income until later in her life. As her children approached their teenage years, she perfected her techniques. She soon began exhibiting her work at art shows around the country. When a very special portrait of a dog seemed to catch everyone’s eye, she realized she’d found her niche.

Krizak recalls, “It was my ‘aha’ moment, and I changed direction immediately.”

The change in course paid off. These days, Krizak takes commissions both nationally and internationally for charcoal sketches or oil paintings, usually working from digital photographs sent to her via e-mail. That same tool allows her customers to approve of sketches and the final portrait in stages, before the last payment is made.

Krizak says, “I think that builds confidence for people.”

The Bradford Exchange has commissioned Krizak’s work for its line of collectible plates.

Perhaps what makes Krizak’s paintings so striking is that she uses the Venetian painting technique, which requires a series of thin glazes to achieve a more luminous quality.

Krizak explains, “When you see my portraits, in every single one of them, you notice the eyes first. The eyes that melt your heart are in my portrait every single time. I know I’ve finished the portrait when I am moved by the look in their eyes, and I don’t quit until I get that look.”

If you are considering a portrait, either for a companion still with you or one that has passed, Krizak’s prices vary by materials, the subjects to be featured, the background’s complexity, and the size of the finished piece.

Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of working with Krizak, apart from seeing your beloved friend’s image so perfectly captured, is taking the photographs that she will work from. Instructions for achieving a good photograph can be requested via her Web site, so even if you do not have a trained eye, you can play an integral part in the artistic process.

More information can be found at www.peggykrizak.com or www.krizakpetportraits.com.

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