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Creating personal outfits by combining elements that reflect your own personality is always in style. You are unique – let everyone know it. You’ve been hitting the gym and wanting to show it off? Try something sleeveless combined with crisp shorts to display a little skin. Adding flare – an animal print scarf – to an outfit will definitely attract some notice for the night on the town. Job have you dressed too uptight? Pair a V-neck casual shirt with those pinstripe trousers and a sleek belt. A comfortable hoodie combined with undies adds sex appeal to your morning.

OUTFITS Left to Right: Cutoff hoodie ($59), swimwear shorts ($59) by Buffalo. V-neck shirt ($50) by Diesel, pinstripe trouser ($145), belt ($75) by Hugo Boss. Hoodie ($165) by Polo, underwear ($21.50) by Calvin Klein. Graphic T-shirt ($60), long sleeve shirt ($60) by Diesel, scarf ($48) by Echo Design. All available at Bloomingdales, Mall of America.

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