Peep Show

Don’t you just hate it when you’re planning a birthday party, only to find out someone has gone behind your back, and scheduled something the very same weekend?

This puts your guests in the position of having to choose which party to go to, or forces them to try to squeeze everything into their schedule. It’s a hostess’s worst nightmare—that, and running out of meatballs.

Well, it happened to me this year—and not just once. In fact, three different people tried to steal my birthday-weekend thunder.

Just who were these insensitive frivolity-snatchers, you ask? Jesus; the Easter Bunny; and my friend, Brian.

In their defense, Jesus and the Easter Bunny have done this only one other time in my 36 years on the planet.

Brian graciously offered to let me reschedule my party…friends, you know. Then, we realized any overlapping friends could do both parties relatively easily, without offending either of us gracious hostesses.

As for Jesus and the Easter Bunny, I decided to incorporate them into the theme of the party—actually, just the Easter Bunny. A candy-carrying bunny is way easier to riff off of than the Messiah—and less offensive.

To that end, I made the party’s theme one of my favorite Easter candies: the beloved Peep. The party was covered in those squishy, neon-colored little guys.

My talented cake-making friend, Susan, even created a giant Peep-shaped cake. We had a Peep art contest, with people making all sorts of Peeptacular edible arts and crafts, including Peep smores, Peep hats, and even Peep sushi.

The hands-down winner of the night (other than Susan’s cake) was an amazing portrait of yours truly made entirely out of Peeps by my good friend, Andy. Have you ever seen a drag queen crafted out of nothing but Peeps? I think not. Andy’s a real Peepcasso.

In addition to all the fabulous Peeps and peeps that made the night special, the party proved beyond a doubt that old adage: If you can’t beat ’em, Peep ’em.

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