Out in the Stars

Horoscope for Sept. 11-24 Venus moves into Virgo, and we become a little more practical in all love matters. Will it result in an incredible flight of fancy? Only if we can get a discounted first-class ticket.

Proud Rams heat up the water cooler to a boil at work when someone in the next office catches their eye. As you linger, and try desperately to impress, keep an eye out for suspicious bosses and coworkers who are ready to reprimand. Slackers will not feel the love anywhere around the office. At least try to look busy. However, filing in your neighbors’ cubicle does not count.

Give yourself a break from the routine, and find creative ways to pass the time. Anything fun and frivolous is enjoyed to the hilt. You even may find some payoff by the end of the period. A flirty, flagrant romance is possible. Make yourself available for anything that life has to offer, queer Bull. At very least, it will provide you with some hilarious stories to tell this winter.

Pink Twins feel especially close to certain relatives this period, which is no surprise. They just seem to be more agreeable and reasonable. Why ask why? Just follow through on your instincts, and work toward breakthroughs in any long-standing disagreements. Both sides can offer compromise and reconciliation. Now that things are settling down, find new issues to cover.

You seem to know just what to say to get what you want this period. Gay Crabs are given the gift of gab, and should use it to their advantage. People are listening who can be charmed and cajoled for anything and everything. Hurry! Before you know it, your pearls of wisdom get strung out, and you will be back to your plaintive begging for any conversational scraps.

If you are smart, you can use the period to amass a fortune of goodwill…along with some fairly good sound financial advice. If you can focus on the bottom line, some are ready to help you wring more profit from your bone-dry accounts. Of course, some practical, proud Lions would rather just marry wealthy. Keep dreaming.

You are the star of the Pride Parade. Queer Virgins can command center stage, and draw all the applause and accolades. So, use the period to get Out of your shell, meet, greet, and expand your network of acquaintances. Someone can help you change the course of events in the coming months. How friendly can you be without touching?

Delightful secrets are exposed, and so are you. Proud Libras are more intuitive, spiritual, and emotionally peaceful. Use the period to do good gay deeds, and build up your karma points. Great rewards are possible if you volunteer, and expand your outreach. A secret admirer now is revealed. Is this someone who thrills you or chills you? Better wear a sweater.

Friendships heat up, as you discover a gem among the assorted trash. Proud Scorps are especially sociable, and expand their circle into new exciting spheres. Become more involved in lofty organizations and elite, powerful groups. The people you meet will show you a new thing or two. As you know, you never can have too many new things to ring-a-ding.

Even if you have limited career aspirations this period, you find ways of impressing the corporate senior staff with your sharp skills and strategic designs. Reach for the gold ring despite your lassitude. Charm the snakes and sharks while you can, and use all that goodwill for future fun and profit. It is always more fun when profit is in the future.

Resolve to get out of your routine, and expand your horizons this period. Whether that means taking a new course of study or traveling is entirely up to you. If time and money are tight, find new experiences closer to home. Pink Caps have been known to fall into ruts. Now, dig yourself out. Discover people, places, and ideas that spur your juices. Will you be shaken or stirred?

Turn a light flirtation into something much, much more this period. Lusty Aqueerians can pick and choose their conquests. Attractive folks find you alluring and sensual, as you draw an admiring crowd. But be discerning. It is too easy to dissipate your energies on wilde, acrobatic lovers who shamelessly use you as their sex toy. Err…this is bad?

Spread the good vibes with a spatula this period. You just may whip certain relationships into a frenzy. Guppies manage to find delightful ways to demonstrate their affections for their close companions. But nothing’s like something practical and needed that will get their heartstrings plucked. How about doing the laundry? OK, think of something else.

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