Out in the Stars

Horoscope for July 3-16 Venus and Mars conjunct, and move into Gemini. We are able to send our love missives directly to the delicious source. But moving too swiftly may give our affairs of the heart a dose of heartburn. Tread carefully…but deliberately.

Magic is in the air and with your words this period. Make good use of your randy tongue and glib gift of gab. You seem to know just what to say and do to get your love notes to the right recipient. Flirt all you want and all you can, but hurry, hurry, hurry, proud Ram. Soon, all those love-smitten trolls beat a path to your front door. Then what?

Acquisitive queer Bulls fit all the puzzle pieces together for success this period. But how much time and effort will it take to become a well-endowed benefactor? Manage your priorities. Lovers become strangers, as your Olympian quest for the gold medal pushes other contenders to bronze placements. They say that it is lonely at the top. As lonely as the bottom?

How high is up? Pink Twins can reach for the stars, and manage to grab a hot cluster in the process. Hold on fast and tight, buster. Things will rock and roll, causing you to lose your grip, along with your best-laid plans. As charming as you try to be, you are apt to launch a wisecrack where it will lay an egg. Let’s find out if you are hard-boiled or scrambled.

You are a wise queer Crab…or at least it will seem that way this period. Your intuition is on target, and you find ways of using it to your advantage. Go with the cosmic flow, and strengthen your connections at work. You will need to rely on them in the coming weeks. Glad-hand quickly, before your patience wears thin, and takes a big bite out of your lunch and your enthusiasm.

Do you usually bark up the wrong tree, pet? Friends provide you with insight as to what and who is best for you. Proud Lions use this period to discover how to improve current relationships, as well as create new, exciting ones. Resolve to dance in different circles, and reach out across the aisle. By next period, you can be elected mayor. But of what town?

Career success pays off this period, and the accolades and money arrive in bundles. Queer Virgins feel flush for a change, but shouldn’t spend their good vibes all at once. You have worked too hard for what you just have received, so save it for a rainy day. By next period, you are in an usually rare and generous mood, and want to spend until it hurts. Ouch!

The world is your oyster, gay Libra, so grab it by the tip, and slurp it up. The ground swells and moves for you, as interesting, exotic strangers register on your Richter scale. But make good use of time, lover. All this moving and shaking can cause a bit of dizziness. Parse out your time among those stars who can benefit you most in the long term…say through next period.

Good vibes stimulate your need for romantic harmony and sexual bliss this period. Burn some incense, and mediate to your favorite chant, proud Scorp. The secret is to get in sync with your lover. Achieve nirvana quickly, before you tire of the mellowness. To excite and stir up the passions, you accidentally might upset the entire hot applecart. Er, applesauce anyone?

Partnerships become paramount this period. Do you know what you need to be content and cuddly? Gay Archers who are on the hoof can gallop to any field, and find a doggie to lasso. Those who currently are in a relationship can make them more secure and harmonious…if they choose to. Sometimes, you like to shake things up. If so, then shake and bake, pardner.

Pink Caps are in top form at work. They can say and do no wrong, no matter how outrageously they behave. Why wait? Charm the masses, and get projects moving while the energy is right. Turn your attention to the job, and do what needs to be done. Will you get a bit damp by the water cooler? Hope springs eternal!

You feel on top of the world and into the center of all the fun. Aqueerians glide to the top of the social heap in anything (or anyone) they pursue. Secure your position firmly, and take control of the assorted and sorted festivities. The folks you meet now can help your career later. So, how about sharpening those great negotiation skills at the local bar?

Guppies are in the mood to cocoon and nest. As you putter around the house, see if any longstanding and outstanding chores need to be tackled. Start them immediately. Too soon, the tempo rises, and you become a domestic diva. All your procrastination comes home to roost. The housework piles on, and you feel like a rat on an ever-quickening treadmill. Whoops!

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