Out in the Stars

Horoscope for June 19-July 2 Have fun in the Sun, as it wends its merry way into romantic Cancer. Emotions hit a high note for the next four weeks. Will you find new areas of smoochy delights and cuddles in your life, or will you sulk and plot? Let’s aim for the delights.

Do gay Rams have anything under wraps this period? Yes. Expect life to unfold in interesting ways, especially in family and home matters. This is also an excellent time to make your move, literally, by either redecorating or changing residences. Are you feeling cramped? Remember: Just because you are out of the closet doesn’t mean that you have to live in one.

Suddenly, you are all mouth, and have a few opinions to share. Oh, happy day! Use the next four weeks to get your point across, in any and all possible ways, queer Bull. Do you have one or two things that you need to get off of your chest with certain unnamed folks? You now are given the power of persuasion, so make your point loud, proud, and queer!

Money is honey, pink Twin, so grab a honey pot of it, and spread it around. Satisfy your sweet tooth with careful investments to build on the future and for retirement. You feel quite a bit more fiscally solid. You can use your hard-won financial knowledge to build a huge mountain out of your tiny molehill. Are you aiming to be a honey bear or a queen bee?

This is the time of year for gay Crabs to shimmer and shine…or is it shimmy and shine? You are especially alluring now. But don’t use this time to rest on your laurels. Launch into new projects, meet new people, and impress the masses. OK, just impress those who can give you a leg up—or is it just press against those with their leg up?

If you feel especially psychic, point your antenna carefully to get better reception. What is it that you divine, you divine thing? Ideas that pop into your head can be used to your advantage. So, focus on what you really want, and resolve to go for it. Proud Lions have a strobe in their closets. They must no longer sit and suffer in the dark. Break free, and soar.

You experience a burst of popularity this period, as your presence is demanded all over town. This is quite a nice change of pace, queer Virgin! But are you conforming too much to the groupthink? Maybe it’s time to change the tune, and see who dances along with you. Of course, if you change the tune to a polka, don’t expect much participation from a certain you-know-who.

The sky is the limit this period. But your plans are apt to change, as your cream rises to the top. Proud Libras can be very contrary, and may find that the corporate collar chaffs. Do what needs to be done now to gain power and prestige. Then, make your changes to the corporate structure. Are you an up-and-comer, compadre? Prove it.

Gay Scorps ache to see the world now. Your interests widen, and cannot be contained in the same old humdrum. Pack your bags, and get going, while the energy carries you along. If you yearn for stimulation, seek it anyway and anywhere you can. But hurry. By next month, you will be quite content to hang around the old familiar social pond, and tread water.

Gay Archers are usually hot to trot, but now, you hotly are trotting on all four burners. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! You simply cannot choose from your garden of earthly delights, and you simply cannot behave. Temper your ardor, if you can. You have a tendency to bite off more than you can chew right now. Can you really make sweet talk when your mouth is full?

This period, pink Caps feel the need to connect and even merge with others on a more meaningful level. This is fine, as long as you don’t submerge. Maintain your wonderful sense of self. Find the balance between the me and the we. Get meaningful relationships on the right track, and submerge in as deep a well as you possibly can. Then, get wet!

Aqueerians feel their oats. Sure, you can feel your own oats, but isn’t it nicer to have someone else feel them instead? Don’t go to pot. Resolve to get in shape, starting this period. Your general well-being deserves some attention. By the end of all your hard exercise work, you may find yourself feeling on top of the world. Well, maybe just one citizen at a time.

Guppies are party-hearty hounds this period. If you find yourself on the “A” list, demanded at every major event in town, don’t be surprised…or shy. Get out there, and turn on that incomparable Piscean charm. Rub elbows, shoulders, and other relevant parts of your body. Strike up the merry band, and play your instrument like a master. So, are we into opera or Opry?

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