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Horoscope for May 22-June 4 Is it inspiration, or just a flash of good luck, as Jupiter conjuncts Neptune this period? Whatever it is, use this fleetingly good energy to do what you need to do, and do it brilliantly. Hurry!

Gay Rams are true bon vivants now, attracting friends and acquaintances with their sharp wit and delightful company. What a nice change of pace! You seem to know all the right moves. You can move and shake with the best of them. Don’t waste this cosmic spark on selfish advancement, unless you decide to share your advances with everybody.

Career prospects hit a high note this period. Queer Bulls not only find lucky opportunities to show off their stuff, but also charm the bosses into thinking they (and you) are pure genius. But back up your charisma with a little moxie and expertise where and when you need it. You will catapult yourself up the corporate ladder. Why ask why? Ask for a raise instead.

Your Outreach outreaches your immediate grasp. Your global message reaches the hearts and minds of many followers. Good timing, pink Twin. This period is perfect to spread your personal opinions and dreams everywhere. Let your oil flow. You find that you can convince almost anyone to do anything. What sort of mischief will you conjure? Uh, oh.

Gay Crabs have a sexual spark that ignites any smoldering fire of passion. It is time to set your sights on the one you want, and go for it. You exude charisma. While you are at it, try to reach out to well-heeled contacts, and see if you can impress them with your acumen. Before you know it, you might be handling someone’s account…er, is that what we call it now?

Even difficult relationships go more smoothly now. Proud Lions are able to sense what the other person really wants, and can appear to give it to them. Toss your magical dust in dollops this period. You find that you can blind others to your true motives. Too, too soon, you will reach into your bag of tricks, and find only dust bunnies…or even worse, sand.

No matter how hard you really work, everyone will think that you are putting in a great effort on the job. So, draw up a list of priorities, and see how far you can go on your good luck and your game face. Somehow, things will get done. And even better, they love you no matter what you do, queer Virgin. This seems too good to be true. Next period, it will be. Ahem.

When can fun become too, too much fun? Let’s try to find out. This period, proud Libras discover that their creativity, luck, and ability to romance anyone and everyone have few limits. Spread yourself thin among the glitterati and party-goers. Before you know it, this jovial spurt slows, and you will have loads of wonderful memories to keep you warm to hot.

Would you like to accomplish a few things around the house? This is the period to tackle any and all domestic issues. You begin to get things done. You also can create bridges that last with relatives. Queer Scorps are not known for compromise, but now, you see how bending a little gets others to tip over to your side. Be nice, and pack a pillow for them.

Gay Archers now have the gift of gab, and use it to their advantage. Find out exactly what you want, and carefully strategize how you will achieve it. In fact, opportunities may come to you with a good, creative thought. Your success will be so sweet that you forget you usually shoot from the lip, with the usual consequences. Think, speak, flourish…then relax!

Money comes to you more easily this period. Will you squander it, or save it for a rainy day? Let’s guess. Pink Caps can cement their future by being nice, finding an excellent adviser, asking the right questions, and taking calculated risks. Financial luck is on your side. Next period is another story, however, as you go back to the usual plod, and plot with your pennies.

You pack more charisma than ever into each square inch this period. Aqueerians are ready, willing, and able to meet new folks, and sweep them off their feet. You are on charm overdrive. If you have some fresh ideas, give them a tryout with some open ears. Projects not only take off, but also can go farther than you ever expected. So, what are you waiting for?

Intuitively, you seem to know just what to do at just the right time. Go with your gut, and see where it leads you. Also, charitable efforts pay off for you in unexpected, lucky ways. Guppies are usually interested in contributing to the greater good. Now is the time to spread your good vibes liberally around town. Pay it forward, and don’t ask for change.

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