Out in the Stars

Horoscope for Apr. 24-May 7 May surprises us with a bolt of blazing planetary activity. Feel things heat up, as the Sun tickles stern Saturn, and bumps lucky Jupiter. Will you get what you want? Just be sure of what you exactly want.

If money is the root of all evil, gay Rams manage to get to the root of things. The strength or weakness of your finances will dictate how liberated or restricted you feel. The cosmos advises you to rein in your expenses, monitor your partner’s spending, avoid grand platonic gestures of generosity, and save a little for a rainy day—a tall order for you!

It’s all about you. Queer Bulls are in the limelight. As you grab all the attention, you will need to find successful ways to tie up the loose ends, so they don’t tangle you up. Find balance between the nitpicky aspects of your job and your long-term life goals. Is there conflict? Are you being dragged down by inconsequential tasks? Soar, and leave the crawling to others.

Long-suppressed secrets will find a way of popping up—and in a very public way. Though it may not feel especially comfortable, it can be cathartic, and ultimately is all-good. So, prepare your global message, and spin it if necessary. Nothing is more attractive than a pink Twin who is willing to expose himself a little. A little? A lot!

Chitchat among friends can lead gay Crabs into all sorts of mischief. Gossip flies, and things can be blown out of proportion. A buzz makes one thing lead to another and another. Find ways of cutting through the opinion to get to the facts. Find out the who, what, when, where, and why. But how? That is the question!

Money and the power of it will drive many of your decisions. The lure of lucre impacts how hard you work, and how much time you spend cultivating certain relationships. At times, you need to expend more resources than expected with less tangible gain. How will it all pan out, proud Lion? Why not just find a well-endowed benefactor?

Prepare for a few false starts, as your efforts to reach out and connect to others may take more time and effort than you anticipate. But delays in this case are not bad. What it means is that you need to polish your presentation better, and practice, practice, practice. Experiment with new approaches and techniques. Of course, interviews in the nude should not be approached.

You will encounter intrigue aplenty, as undercover sexy liaisons become exposed in a big way. The cat is out of the bag, and so are you. Good. Too much stress was related to these sets of affairs. They held you back from doing what you need to do to be happy. Now that the curtain is open, you can free yourself of any restrictions, and do your thing…whatever it is.

Queer Scorps looking for a relationship can find it in the most unusual places. So, get Out there, explore different hunting rounds, and see who is waiting for you by the bar. Of course, some are perfectly content in their current partnerships. If so, try to spruce and juice it up to keep life engaged and interesting…er, or is it trim and squeeze?

How often have you held your tongue, and not said what needed to be said on the job? Too often, I suspect. It may be especially hard to keep yourself from commenting on the absurdities of the workplace this May. Gay Archers, who have limited patience, will struggle to ignore and persevere. Sounds like a great excuse for a vacation—or a very long lunch. Hint. Hint.

Pink Caps become bon vivants. They can be tempted to spend lavishly for sordid and assorted good times. Whoo hoo! Go to the outer limit, and see how far your good times can reach. Be joyous, freethinking, and absurdly generous. Of course, all play and no work will leave folks scratching their heads, asking, “Who are you, and what have you done with Capricorn?”

Your private and public life meet head-on. You not only are out in front of the crowd, but also are given a rare opportunity to meet high and mighty influentials who can lend you a hand. Aqueerians need to find useful ways to monitor and maneuver through a minefield of social protocols, so they can maximize this opening. Sigh! Isn’t that always the challenge?

Don’t even think of hiding the facts from partners now. You can do nothing to prevent the truth from leaking out. This is good, because you are not adept at keeping secrets. Guppies are especially intuitive now. Use these good vibes to connect warring factions, and bring about peace. If not peace, then at least measured coexistence.

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