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Horoscope for Mar. 27-Apr. 9 Welcome spring and the start of the new solar year! Sun enters Aries, giving us a burst of vital energy that takes us in new directions. Pack a map, lunch, and water, and get going.

Sun in your own proud sign encourages proud Rams to get Out there, and make a name for themselves. However, what will that name be? Avoid rushing into new things or exacting change just for the sake of change. If you plan carefully, and ask for help, your new projects of today will become important monuments tomorrow. Build on solid ground and not shifting sand.
Queer Bulls are catapulted Out of their dank closet. So, be ready or not. The volcanic change may make you feel a little wobbly at first, but you soon will regain your sea legs, and set sail in the vast ocean of opportunity. Perhaps it’s time to get involved with a great gay charity or community cause. Pile up those good karma points in time for the steamy summer heat.
Pink Twins find comfort and conviviality among good pals and affirming social groups. Your personal goals are now in sync with the group dynamic. But can you have too much of a good thing? You may jump into social circles that become engulfing whirlpools. Maybe it’s time to reassess your position. Is it time to strike a new pose? How about prone?
You have a loud, proud opportunity to demand your professional due rewards. But weigh your words carefully before you bleat. It would be a shame to get noticed by the big bosses for being a carp rather than a gay Crab. Demands can shake up the landscape. Who knows? You could wind up on top of the heap—er, let’s hope it’s not the scrap heap.
Proud Lions can take on the world this period. But be careful not to bite off more than you can chew, tempting though it may be. You may be too much for some folks, as your cherry bombs turn into nuclear explosions. It’s fine to want to change the global landscape, but avoid a scorched-earth policy. Detonate cherries in the comfort of your own home.
Do you feel liberated and feisty? Sexual heat is turned up high, so set the oven on broil, and see who cooks. But be discerning in your choice of lovers. Rushing in with an ill-conceived choice turns into the date from hell. Try instead to take the slow and cautious route, at least initially. You have time to speed ahead once you have a chance to look at the condition of the road.
Life centers around relationships. Gay Libras ache for a special mate, and this is the period to connect with someone very special. Remember, though, that your unbridled passion may overshadow your good gay sense. Don’t let your yearning to be in a committed relationship lead you down a primrose path. All give and no take makes friendly Libra a schlemiel.
Work goes much easier this period. Even onerous tasks go more smoothly. Be careful of climbing on that organizational treadmill unprepared, proud Scorp. You easily and unknowingly can accelerate your speed from a jaunt to a dash. Also, avoid overdoing it in the exercise department. You could overwork the wrong body part, and pull a muscle…ahem.
Gay Archers can tap into their gay muse, or hop on the train to Party Central. But hop on carefully. Your enthusiasm and pushiness can toss you off at the next station. It would be a shame to trudge back home with your tail between your legs. However, if you approach fun things in life with a moderate outlook, who knows where your tail will wind up?
Give more attention to your home life. Pink Caps can plan a redecoration or renovation now, when confidence and satisfaction are high. But how much can you handle at once? A minor home project could turn major. Knock down a wall, and the ceiling could crash. This also goes for any latent family issues. Hold off on the tête-à-têtes until you have thought it out carefully.
Aqueerians find that their words have uncontrollable power and frankness this period. This energy is so unbridled, you’ll find that while you get your point across, it will be more like hitting someone with an anvil rather than your usual diplomatic feather duster. Heck, don’t be afraid to stir up some dust, and be sure not to sweep anything under the rug.
Think your finances are under control? Think again, Guppie! You may behave like a lunatic spendthrift wreaking jolly havoc with even the best-laid balance sheet. Of course, with a little forethought, you can win most of the time. Don’t risk more than you comfortably can afford to lose. but also keep in mind that life is too short to skimp. Opportunity knocks.

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