Out in the Stars

Horoscope for Mar. 13-26 Mars slides into Pisces this period, as we float on the mellowness, and cruise on the vibes. Let your intuition be your spiritual guide. It is time to plot your course, and swim to success.

If a bright light suddenly is switched on in your closet, thank your lucky stars for Mars in Pisces. Proud Rams generally are very honest and forthright folks. Now, any lingering secrets holding you back are released, and stamped out. You may turn to spirituality or the occult in a quest for further enlightenment. Why not try your hand at palmistry with a certain palm?

Queer Bulls find that this period brings friends out of the woodwork. You are surrounded by good gay cheer! Enjoy this convivial time by expanding your social circle. Join social groups, make it a point to meet new folks, or get more involved in social activities. Something and someone may be learned in every encounter. How friendly can you be?

This period, make it a point to become more active in navigating your own career path. You are able to impress those in power, and showcase your considerable skills. Pink Twins should use this calculating energy to make their best moves, and maneuver to the top of the corporate heap. Will you have to step on the backs of others to get there? Heck, that’s half the fun!

Gay Crabs are tempted to travel this period. The urge to see the world or at least reach people on a more global level will have to be satisfied one way or another. If money or time is tight, try cruising the Web for inspiration, or exploring different neighborhood haunts for exotic nightlife. OK, how about renting a foreign movie, and ordering in anchovy pizza?

If the sexual steam bath gets too hot to handle, blame the flame on the new matches who heat up your sex life. Proud Lions become especially alluring (what a nice change of pace!). They can bag any quarry they set their sights on. But choose wisely, compadre. You can become passionate, possessive, and jealous. You just can’t love and leave ’em anymore.

Partnerships become the be-all and end-all for all queer Virgins. Now, you begin to realize how important it is to have a special someone with whom to share your hopes, dreams, and toothbrush. If you are in a relationship, use this zesty spark to electrify partners. Single Virgos know just where to look to find domestic bliss. So, what are you waiting for?

It is not too late to put your best foot forward on the day-to-day job. Proud Libras feel in the pink. They can manage to see the sunny side of even the greyest cubicle. Tackle any routine or detailed project now, and get it out of the way. Soon, this energy will divert your attention to diet and health-related exercise. Bench-press or squat-thrust with a friend.

Queer Scorps manage to have a great time this period. Anything you do that is creative or just plain fun is…just plain fun. The secret to your success is to go with the inspirational flow, and allow your gay muse to take you on artistic rambles where you interact with wilde folks. Relax, bubbele. This marvelous energy doesn’t come around often. Sound familiar?

Gay Archers are inspired to clean under the familial rug this period. Do what needs to be done to clear the air, and open the windows. For those who have dumped out their closets long ago, use this time to make needed changes around the house, whether it’s renovation, redecoration, or removal. How about dumping that wagon-wheel coffee table?

Your words speak volumes this period. Pink Caps are mesmerized by concepts and theories. They can use this fleeting strategic, incisive cosmic energy to hone their communication skills, and get the manifesto Out. Don’t waste time obsessing on trivialities. This is the time to set things in motion for the rest of the year. If not you, then who? If not now, then when? Hurry!

The fates focus on all acquisitive Aqueerians with a taste for the fine life (and that is just about all of them). Suddenly, you think that you can afford anything your heart desires. Don’t make that mistake. This period, you are supposed to reevaluate your value system with an eye toward austerity. Count your pennies, and ascertain the worth. Then, save it!

Guppies get a burst of sociable energy this period, and should use it before they lose it. You are pushed into center stage, where you happily oblige an adoring crowd with a jaunty dance or two. New projects can be launched, and fresh ideas planted in fertile soil. You can charm new acquaintances with your wit and finesse. Oh, my! Have you got them fooled!

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