Out in the Stars

March may come in like a lion, but it should come out as anything or anyone it wants. A burst of Aqueerian energy across four planets demands that we take a stand on important issues. Don’t just hang around trying to look important. Take it to the streets. It is time to march forth!

Friends will be much more important to you now, so find ways to expand your personal outreach. This may require a greater time investment with those who can help you advance your cause. Put personal preferences aside, and rub elbows with the influentials rather than the lovables, gay Ram. Who knows what a little rubadub can produce?

Queer Bulls might be buried neck-deep in career issues. This can be a good thing if it enables you to remove barriers to success, and speed up your corporate progress. Of course, you also undiplomatically might upend any progress if you rush-rush. But if you keep your opinions to yourself, and maintain a cunning careful eye on the prize, you wind up on top…for a change.

Travel beckons, and pink Twins must heed the siren call. March may raise your burnout potential, but a quick and easy refresh can save the day. Even if money is tight, and work demands are crushing, find creative ways to escape from your usual skin. Try something new and energizing. You needn’t travel far, just differently. But trying a new route to work does not count.

The next few weeks sizzle, as you cook. Gay Crabs find that their personal hotness hits a high. Don’t stew in your own juices, while the rest of the world looks on. Venture Out, and see who responds. Before you know it, your dance card fills up, and you have your choice of delicacies. Are your eyes too big for your stomach? Good! Gluttony is not a sin this month.

You may want to change the dynamics of a certain relationship. Are partners giving you what you want and need? Be honest in your appraisal. If things have gotten stale and boring, the status quo simply no longer may do. Proud Lions are antsy, and ready for a ramp up or a change. Put your cards on the table, and see what happens next. Gin!

If you find yourself buried in minutiae and paperwork, it is an excellent time to prioritize, queer Virgin. All this hubbub is creating unnecessary stress, and does not get the work done. Resolve to clear off your desk, and turn your attention to your overall well-being and health. Conserving your energy now will pay huge dividends later when the job push is on. Lucky you.

With little prompting, proud Libras find ways of having fun, and getting into mischief. Nothing can hold you back now, because you have ample energy reserves, and your optimism is high. Things are beginning to go your way. Use this luck and creativity to find new solutions to old problems. Mine your gems for future profit, or just wear them to dazzle the crowd.

Spring may be in the air, but queer Scorps are perfectly content to laze around the house. Well, maybe “laze” isn’t the right word, as you are full to overflowing with zesty energy. Move a few things around, repair frayed connections with relatives, settle into a comfortable routine, and open up your house to hordes of guests. Maybe they will spring-clean for you.

Gay Archers are full of great ideas. They have some strong and pointed opinions. Your enthusiasm propels you to share your bon mots with anyone and everyone. However, there are times to speak out, and times to sit back and quietly listen. Will you be able to recognize the difference now? Probably not. But all will be forgiven…eventually.

Money issues come to the fore for the next few weeks, and not a moment too soon. While pink Caps love luxury and status, they may have overspent their budget. Stop bleeding red ink, and start to focus on the bottom line. By getting your finances under control, you soon will be better able to plan for your eventual comfy retirement—or something like that.

Aqueerians cannot be blamed for feeling pretty darned great all through March. That’s because they now have boundless energy and charisma. Don’t sit on your sofa and procrastinate. This is the time to get up and get going on any long-term project. Meet and greet, and try to be sweet. You will need the help of these folks in the coming months. Charm and conquer.


While a caldron of activity is bubbling behind the scenes, Guppies soon can get a sense of what is what, and how to get what they want. March is the month to expand your spiritual outreach, and get more involved in charitable efforts. Your karma is building. Listen to your inner voice—unless it suggests that you bar hop in the nude.

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