Out in the Stars

Horoscope for Feb. 13-26 Are you afraid of change? Don’t be. Retrograde Saturn makes an excellent aspect to Mercury this period. This means it’s possible a spark of idea could turn into an all-consuming fire. Get up and Out. It’s time to move our dreams into the realm of reality.


Proud Rams face a trade-off between the day-to-day demands of the job and the full direction of their professional goals, when Saturn trines Mercury. How much synergy between the agony and the ecstasy can you manage to achieve? Use this transit to measure the pros and cons of your current situation. Wise old Saturn has a way of pushing you in the right direction.


Queer Bulls take their personal party on the road. Expand your outreach this period, and see how far the fun can take you. You wax poetic, so you can move mountains with a few choice words or a new creative approach. Let yourself be swept up in the pride moment, and get involved in anything that has wide-reaching global implications—everything, that is, except the Taliban.


It isn’t often that pink Twins peer out into the vast cosmos, and contemplate their connection to the galaxy. The Saturn/Mercury trine sparks that degree of inspiration. Your connection to deeply important life issues is enhanced and affirmed now. It is time to display your pride, and get more involved in vital gay political efforts. This period, you even can phone it in from home.


What if it were possible to be your true lavender you, no matter where you parked your carcass? Living life true to oneself is within reach. Pink Crabs find a unique one-to-one connection with a certain special someone if they decide to seek it out. Others see you in a different, possibly reverential, way. Uh, make sure that your fly is zipped.


It’s time to review your value system to see what is gold and what is dross. Proud Lions have been known to place undue emphasis on the material world, to the detriment of their sense of self and their personal life. Certain events bring you to the point where the capitalist in you must make choices. You needn’t dump all your worldly loot. Just don’t let it own you.


Queer Virgins find that creative outlets provide ample incentive and inspiration to undergo a complete and radical makeover. You now are pushed Out into the open and into center stage. Good thing, too, friend. How long can you go on selfishly keeping that fabulous personality under wraps? Peel a little back, and let the world have a peek. Wow!


Sometimes, the evil machinations of those who do not have your best interests at heart go awry, and give you an unanticipated boost. Gay Libras may cash in on this unexpected turn of events this period, so keep an ever-watchful eye on clues and advice, especially at home or around family. It’s time to stop being a pincushion for every backstabber.


Proud Scorps should be looking in their own backyards for inspiration and friendship. The old saying—“Seek and ye shall find”—works like a mantra for you now. Revise your old philosophies. Seek the advice of trusted friends and neighbors. This period not only will enable you to broaden your social sphere, but also can catapult you to new social heights. Watch your head.


Gay Archers wake up, and simply may not feel like squeezing into that pin-striped gorilla suit ever again. This epiphany conspires to put crazy ideas in your head about personal fulfillment and values, and their compatibility (or lack thereof) with corporate politics. Tossing it all away is tempting, but poverty is not your strong suit. Better marry wealthy, or start saving.


Single pink Caps are due for a match made in heaven now. My crystal ball says that your partner-to-be will be quite different from you, either in nationality, age, religion, or background. Make yourself available. For those gay Goats who have found their match, whisk your partner off to some fabulous locale, and rekindle the spark. Feel the heat!


A secret admirer makes his saucy intentions known, and Aqueerians are ready for absolutely anything. How wilde can you get, lover? Check your personal barometer, and measure the risk before you plunge. Maybe this period can bring a change of personal philosophy? One day, you’ll wake up, and decide to try something or someone totally new.


This period may prove decisive for Guppies who demand the entire spotlight for themselves. It may mean that you are showcased for an adoring crowd, or it could mean that you’ll disenfranchise partners with your grandstanding. You don’t need a crowd to feel affirmed. Sometimes, a special audience of one will do. Divas look nice, but are essentially alone on the stage.

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