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Horoscope for Jan. 30-Feb. 12 How do I love you? Let me count the ways this Valentine’s February. Of course, we may love for reasons that one cannot explain. And that is good, too, because Sun conjuncts dizzy foggy Neptune through most of the month. Don’t put into dry words what can be accomplished by lusty actions.

If you have designs on a particular platonic pal, you may want to make your intentions known this Valentine’s month. Proud Rams should not and cannot be dissuaded from actions stemming from their hearts, even if their commonsense minds disapprove. Take a chance, and see what happens. Or take a wait-and-see attitude, and maybe that person will come to you.

If you begin to feel exciting vibes at work, resist the temptation to take things to the next exciting step. February brings a heady lift to your career environment, but it may be just a passing fancy with no momentum. Queer Bulls should build their professional reputation on solid bedrock, and not on shifting sands. That means no distractions of a sordid sort.

Pink Twins have an urge to travel, and cast their net globally this Valentine’s month. And why not? Make your best moves earlier rather than later. You have that certain special something to attract interesting types from all corners. The trick will be to choose the best from the Pride Pack. Some are not who and what they appear to be. Maybe this is not a bad thing.

Something about you turns heads, and gets hearts pumping. Whoo hoo! You not are especially alluring and attractive now, but also seem to know just what to say and do to enhance your sexuality, and nab anyone you desire. Try to bottle it, and pour it on all through this Valentine’s month. Sizzling gay Crab is on the menu…at least this month.

February is the perfect time to connect. Proud Lions who are in a relationship find mystical and romantic ways to cement the love. Those who are searching for the right match can find their eternal flame. While it usually is not advisable to accept things at face value (because there is always an underlying motive), you may find that vulnerability can be very attractive…for now.

Queer Virgins may overdo in exercise or diet this February. In your zeal to tone and buff, you may take things to the extreme. But that may not be a bad thing after all. Love will find you pumping iron at the gym, perusing the occasional salad bar, or even taking a brisk stroll around the park. The better you feel, the better you look. This is the month to become a looker.

Party hearty, you party hound. February offers you a vast array of romantic possibilities and opportunities for creativity and fun. Find time to balance your artistic inspirations with your desire just to kick back. Proud Libras will find lovely hot spots by tagging along with lovely hot shots. But when does too much become too, too much? I suspect you will know soon enough.

Keep your romantic interludes close to home this February. Queer Scorps can be passionate and jealous. What better way to keep your valentines all to yourself than by sequestering them in your castle? Be sure that you have enough provisions to keep them well-fed and lubricated. Before you know it, they make themselves comfortable and at home. You soon crave solitude.

Gay Archers become very eloquent this February. You not only can express your deepest feelings in a compelling and attractive manner, but also can deliver sharp advice or criticism in a way accepted by others. So, why wait? Tell them how you feel, and see if you can move certain things forward in your life. Next month it is back to the old foot in mouth.

Money comes in, and goes out again. What is it about pink Caps this February that makes them so scatterbrained about finances? It is very unusual…and expensive. Whatever it is that tempts your wallet, try to sock away a few pennies for the proverbial rainy day. Spend only what you can afford to spend, and be sure to enjoy it to the hilt. Oops, do I feel a drop?

You not only make an unusual and glorious first impression, but also manage to charm acquaintances and assorted friends of friends. Expand your social circle, and let your innate charm ooze out. You not only will be able to increase your possible valentines, but also may find someone to help you launch some of your new pet projects. Hurry before it grows fuzz.

Guppies can rely on their intuitiveness to help them out of a jam this February. Following your gut will help you avoid or triumph over any secret enemies. A great deal going on behind the background could impact your plans. The secret to your success is to stay above the fray, do good gay charitable deeds, and trust in the gods to protect. Take revenge next month.

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