Out in the Stars

Horoscope for Jan. 16-29. Venus enters Pisces, and conjuncts Uranus, launching our hearts into outer space. Will we comfortably float on clouds of whimsy, or lose our grip and get lost into the vast cosmos? It is anyone’s guess, but stay flexible.


Malicious enemies can’t harm you this period. Proud Rams pack so much personal charisma that they can change the dynamic. So, don’t use this rare and powerful energy for selfish gain. Spread your good vibes, and get involved in charitable global causes. You need to rack up the good karma points while you can. Spend it all in your devilish pursuits this spring.


An admirer is hidden somewhere in your current pack of pals. And he makes himself and his feelings known to you this period. Is this a good thing, queer Bull? Perhaps. You may want to look before you leap. Rushing into romance with a friend may have long-term consequences if things don’t work out. Of course, that is an unlikely outcome.


Find ways of making yourself known in certain power circles. Not only will you blast your charm into the epicenter of power, but also you will be able to capitalize on it immediately. Your corporate climb can become a sprint, but watch your footing. You have a very short window to press and impress before your charm wears thin. Oops, too late!


Gay Crabs can find romance far afield this period if they decide to travel, or get out of their usual self-imposed boundaries. Free yourself from preconceived notions, and connect with someone totally unexpected or from a very different background. Vive la
difference! Can this exotic burst last more than a flash? I am not sure that it is meant to. But convince me otherwise.


Will you splurge on some wilde expensive notion this period? Proud Lions wear their hearts on their sleeves as well as in their wallets. They are apt to go overboard in the pursuit of happiness. And, why not? If you have it, spend it, and if you don’t, try to find someone who can spend it on you. You have a short window to declare your lurid intentions. Shout it Out.

VIRGO (AUG. 24-SEPT. 23)

If you find that your comfortable but dull relationships need a boost, this is the period for the jolt. Expect some shocks that rouse both of you out of your torpor. Single queer Virgins not only will make their mark on any mark, but also find that their charisma will get them out of any uncomfortable jam. Spread it accordingly before you become burnt toast.

LIBRA (SEPT. 24-OCT. 23)

Proud Libras can add some sugar to their morning coffee at the office. Someone in the next cubicle catches your eye…and your heart. But before you punch a coworker’s time card, be sure that any illicit workplace dalliance can go the distance. What can heat up your wintry after-hours can cool down by the spring. And then, who will do your filing?


Your creativity hits a high note. Queer Scorps not only have a spark of artistic genius, but also are also prone to a highly exciting, quick, and flirty romance. You can attract anyone you like, because something is surprisingly inspiring about you now. What could it possibly be? I certainly don’t know, but capitalize on your personal oil before it dries up.


Gay Archers find a few exciting and romantic mysteries to plumb in their own backyard. Settle in, relax, and cocoon, or increase your home activities by implementing some long anticipated projects. You have reserves of energy and many great ideas. The challenge will be to choose which one gets you the most bang for the buck. All right, go for 10 bucks.


Put your communication skills to work. If you have a great idea, don’t be afraid to tell others. And even if your idea is not all that great, it is bound to get better with age, so you might as well claim it. Pink Caps are not usually so eloquent and compelling. But now, you are able to charm the stars from the sky. Start talking, and step out of the way!


Even if you usually don’t think of yourself as lucky, you will find a little extra oomph working for you this period. Aqueerians are advised to take a small gambling chance, and see if it pays off. Also, with a little extra research and acumen, investments can see some improvement and gain. It may not guarantee a cushy retirement, but it may provide a small pillow.


What is it about Guppies this period that makes them so amazing and charismatic? I don’t know, but you seem to have powers of persuasion that need to be maximized in any way possible. Get out there, and meet and greet. Long-awaited results for long-term projects can happen if you give them a little more of your attention. This is the time to manifest your destiny.

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