Out in the Stars

Horoscope for Dec. 5-18 Don’t give up hope that hard work brings its own rewards. Look no further for solid proof than the events of this period. Lucky Jupiter trines Saturn, helping us reap the benefits of sweat equity—that is, if you have been working up a sweat.

The sky is the limit in any career aspiration for all gay Rambos who have shown even the least amount of interest. Hint: Bosses want to see that you want it badly enough. Give them your best performance, and reap the benefits. You have plenty of time to restructure your empire once you get the keys to the boardroom. Until then, appear earnest and pliable.

Queer Bulls are unleashed into the universe. They can make a sterling contribution to any artistic effort. If genius is one small part inspiration and mostly perspiration, resolve to work hard at your craft this period. You not only will soar to the highest heights, but also set your personal course into the right direction, full speed ahead. Avoid detours, and become slippery when wet.

Your home becomes a center of delightful activity, as Saturn trines Jupiter. Use any excuse to have the gang over for any type of holiday festivities. But before you send out the invites, try to make small adjustments to your surroundings that increase passion and decrease stress. No sooner done than you attract a bevy of admirers. How to choose? How to choose?

Open up the floodgates of communication, when Saturn trines Jupiter. Gay Crabs know just what to say to partners to cement the relationship, and make their ideas a reality. Your words are like a soothing balm. For those who are on the trawl, spread yourself thin all over town, and let your charming oil flow. Before you know it, a likely catch slips into your net.

Proud Lions know how to make the job pay off and out. And not a moment too soon! You know the right things to do to appear that you are putting in the effort. Use Jupiter trine Saturn to plan your eventual cushy retirement. Deep research, careful planning, and disciplined investing will make the difference now. But why the rush? Won’t you miss the office? Heck, no!

Make your mark on the world, when Jupiter trines Saturn. Queer Virgins are usually shy and retiring, but now, you simply cannot avoid the limelight and all the accolades that go with it. Instead of fighting it, go with the cosmic flow, and meet as many new people as possible. You have the chance to become a cause célèbre—with the accent on the latter.

It becomes apparent that things are going on behind the scenes. But it is nothing nefarious or evil. In fact, you soon realize that you have a secret benefactor who has been protecting you. And you are able to create a solid foundation for any type of future success. Now that the big secret is Out, what will you do next? Whatever it is, do it with style.

Usually fairly secretive and aloof, you suddenly ache for connection and open communication. Queer Scorps find comfort in crowds. Discover new social groups. Seek new and interesting cohorts. Before you know it, you will be in the epicenter of all activity. With all the frantic (and nosy) goings-on, you may prefer your solitude again.

Gay Archers can make great strides in their career this period. Not only are those in power finding ways of making your presence known and rewarded, but also you might manage to climb a notch up on the corporate ladder. Watch for opportunities for advancement, accolades, and power. But is that all there is in life? Work, work, work? Heck no…unless you become CEO.

Expand your horizons any way you can, when Jupiter trines Saturn. This can mean anything that expands your Outlook, or gets you out of your usual routine. Pink Caps can plan a trip of a lifetime, or find cheaper and easier ways of manifesting their destiny through the Internet. Launch a blog. Or find a group of happy travelers to wine, dine, and bore.

Aqueerians discover that they have a secret admirer. And this news can catapult you into a fantastic, glorious, and heart-leaping adventure. But keep your feet on the ground while your heart is wafting aloft. Try to be choosy in your choice of companions. Royalty today can turn into a frog later on—unless you close your eyes before you leap. Uh oh.

Friends may give you their unsolicited opinions about some of your relationships this period. And this is not a bad thing. They have your best interests at heart, and may see things that you do not see. Be open to opinion, Guppie, and take their counsel. Of course, you just may decide to go your own way, which might work out well, too. But two heads are much better than one.

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