Out in the Stars

Horoscope for October 10-23 Lovely Venus enters Sagittarius this period, bringing fun, foolishness, and general jolly mayhem. Our hearts do the back-flip. Love is large, delicious, and a bit squooshie. We do everything in a big and glorious way. Prepare for the avalanche, kids!

Don’t plan on hanging around familiar surroundings, when Venus enters Sadge. The emphasis will be on new horizons, fascinating places, interesting people, and exotic cuisines that you cannot get from your local takeout. Learn a few new things. Proud Rams should make good use of this expansive energy to plant their flag in virgin territory. No names, please!

Who is this love deity? Can it be the queer Bull who suddenly exudes such an enticing musky allure? Blame the flame on insatiable Venus, which spreads…ahem…the sugar over everything. Make use of this hot time. Before you know it, your steamy sexuality cools. Stir up the winds, and fill your sails before you are dry-docked.

Do you play well with others, pink Twin? The true test of your abilities comes into the fore, with Venus in Sadge. This period will test your ability to pair off with the proper stranger. If you are currently in a relationship, use this time to strengthen the bonds. If the bonds bind, it is also a good time to seek new entanglements. Just how much into bondage are you?

If you feel like the rat backed into a dark corner of a maze, welcome your strategic surge of mental agility this period. Gay Crabs make the most of this workable energy by either applying themselves on the job or pursuing a new, healthier, stress-reducing course of action. Venus enables you to leap before you look, but take my advice: Always check the net for holes.

This period will be one long jolly party fest for all those proud Lions who really know how to have a good gay time. And that’s about all of them. You are compelled to overindulge. For those more settled types, use the upbeat energy to tap into your more creative side. Take an art class, write poetry, or take to the stage. Just avoid limericks.

If life feels a bit warmer and cozier, send a love note to Venus, which lights your lamp this period. Queer Virgins are content to feather their nest with assorted, fun activities. The definition of fun is, well, open to definition. How does building on an addition sound? Or maybe buying a completely new bedroom set? I’ll settle for the gala basheroo.

Venus enters Sadge this period, which seems to amplify any proud discourse for the next couple of weeks. Of course, it also can mean that you just will fan around the hot air. So, whatever bon mots you are planning to plant, expect them to take on a zesty life of their own. Let’s try to sound brilliant, urbane, and knowledgeable, OK? Oh, fuggetaboutit!

Your money is highlighted nicely, and you find many imaginative ways of spending great gobs of it. If you spend on investments, you may find that the next weeks can be rather profitable. But those gay Scorps who lack fiscal restraint find that their debits quickly outweigh their assets. Better get off your assets, and learn a thing or five about the bottom line.

Venus in your own sign generates all sorts of festive opportunities for gay Archers. This is the time to launch new projects, and meet as many new people as possible. You are charisma incarnate, with a gravitational pull to rival the earth. But remember that you can be tempted to do just about anything now—so think first, and act second. I am counting on you.

Pink Caps don’t seem to have a care in the world this period. Behind-the-scene forces handle all your assorted backroom bubbemeisers. You triumph, as hidden enemies are vanquished with ease. Nothing is hidden from you, which means that all closeted Caps are outed. Good thing, too, comrade. We can’t stand deception, and neither should you.


If you are planning to be a wallflower, you might as well forget it, Aqueerius. Venus in Sadge tosses you smack into the center of the social pool now. Learn to love the invitations and attention. The folks you meet now just may wind up being lifelong compadres. Seek out the movers and shakers to move and shake you. Pack the breath mints.

The struggle for professional success finally is won. Venus in Sadge shoots your personal corporate star into the next pinstriped galaxy. But when can too much be too much? When you lose sight of what is truly important to you in this life. Go for the gold, Guppie, but remember where the wealth really is buried. Yes—it’s in the stock options!

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