Out in the Stars

Horoscope for Sept. 26-Oct. 9 Get ready for National Coming Out Month! October is no time to sit and wait for the world to knock. Saturn, the planet of life lessons, opposes explosive retro Uranus. Anything and everything can happen now. ’Bout time!

Even though you may feel like a mangy rat on an ever-increasing treadmill, it’s time to jump off, and make life happen. October is here with its no-compromising energies. Follow your gut, and make dramatic changes. Of course, it might be a good idea to look before you leap. Consider all options first, so we won’t have to peel you off the sidewalk with a spatula later.

It has been hard to manage expectations and do the organizing when everyone else is partying down. October now brings the realization that life doesn’t have to be serious. Lighthearted things don’t need a payoff. Sometimes, just “being” is reward enough. So, see and be seen in all the right circles. And if you find a few squares in the bunch, you just might round them out.

Pink Twins have been schlepping themselves from home to work and back again for so long that they no longer can see the difference between the two. This has got to stop. It’s the time to find the right balance in all the areas of your life. You may be surprised at how easy it is to relegate something to the bottom shelf, and feel free and calm. No, not home!

If you have found yourself apologizing frequently because of unintentional verbal gaffes, this is the month to step back, and listen to yourself. Try to assess how you are communicating to others. You just may find that with a small tweak here and there, you can command the masses, and foment revolution. This may not be a bad thing, unless you prefer the quiet life. Then, shhh.

How much are you willing to spend to get what you really want now? Proud Lions were particularly careful with their loot, but now, they can be tempted by a gaudy, useless bauble or two. Heck, life is too short to scrimp all the time. Sometimes, you have to let loose and splurge. Be sure that it has a large payoff at the end, instead of a large payout in the beginning.

Your general lack of self-confidence will come in for a full reappraisal over the next four weeks. Sure, there is a time and place to let your ego inflate, but what is the time and where is the place? Thankfully, partners and those with whom you share a close relationship show you how wonderful you are. Bottle it, and sip from it during the dry season.

Proud Libras not only are unable to discern friend from foe in the workplace, but also now can maneuver between the senior and staff levels gracefully. How can you harness this power effectively? Truthfully, you won’t quite know. But you will learn what motivates each side. Use this in future negotiations and upheavals. Your cream will rise before it curdles.

You are running in a serious crowd, queer Scorp. Are you sure they really know how to let loose, and have a good time? The next month will test many of your platonic relationships. Do they give you everything you need? If not, attempt to make them better and/or even seek new ones. Surprises are in store, if you make yourself open and available. So, what’s new?

If you have had trouble tramping down on stray corporate rumors, this is the time when you can manage it better. Not only are you full of surprises that can engage and impress the elite, but also you can shift your attention, and reprioritize quickly. This will make you very valuable in certain circles, and somewhat scattered in others. Circle wisely.

Pink Caps might have avoided extensive travel, but October offers you the chance to experience some new and very interesting far-afield things. How much courage do you possess? The world will seem not only vast, but also chaotic. There are times to embrace change, and see what the fates deliver. Don’t sit at home, and wait for the delivery.

Something is sultry and sexy about you now, Aqueerius. You appear to be on fire. Could it be just a mask that hides your lack of self-confidence? Whatever works. Before you know it, your facade falls away, and you deal with your fears directly. The great benefit to this is that you will have your choice of admirers, and even a benefactor. Choose the latter!


Relationships can reach a turning point. This will be seen as a relief to you, no matter which direction it goes after that. Guppies love having a certain someone. It is wonderful when that person deserves your love and attention. Use this time to craft the relationship you deserve, rather than the one you think you want. Yes, there is a difference.

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