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Horoscope for August 15-28 Mars makes its move into Libra. Let’s go crazy, and throw caution to the four winds! Lust comes COD in a cheesy, overripe package. Hmm, just how badly do you want it?

Relationships may chafe at the dog collar, as Mars rushes forth. You want everything and everyone all at once. What you would love to do seems to conflict with your partner’s ideas of a good time. As much as you would like to grab it all, try to share and share alike, proud Ram. If not, you may find yourself warming your own sheets. And that is a sorry spectacle indeed!

Queer Bulls yearn to spread their wings and fly, but the requirements of the job weight you down with excess cargo. Don’t give up your dreams of unencumbered flight. However, do expect some minor delays, as coworkers hold you back from your grander schemes. Cruise into the final leg of your professional journey after all the drudge work finally is done.

Pink Twins may be too good to be true. In fact, Mars gives you excessive energy and enthusiasm for anything creative and “fun.” Become a party animal. But if you find that the crowd holds back, don’t be afraid of going it alone. It is more important to do your own thing than to hang around doing the same old things with a group of Miss Things.

Gay Crabs have to choose between personal commitments and the demands of family. Despite your high energy level, you simply have too much to do, and not enough time to do it. And yet, you soon will realize that you can’t dance at two affairs with only one tush. Which affair helps pay the rent? Which one will be there for you when times are tough? Decision made!

Even the most diplomatic of proud Lions can’t help but place their very large foot completely into their very large mouths. You are bursting with grrreat ideas. But when the temptation is to say one more “vital” thing, try to resist. Loose lips sink ships…among other things. Use those loose lips for something more constructive than flapping the air.

Mars stirs up your finances into a feeding frenzy. So, whose money are you playing with, queer Virgin? You may find that your sticky fingers get you into all sorts of icky trouble, so behave, at least as far as the fiscal bottom line is concerned. For all other bottom lines, this is the time that you get what you pay for. Are you shopping for bargains or gems?

Proud Libras have rockets in their pockets this period. Not only are you fired up to achieve new heights, but also you are bursting to meet and greet. Start new projects, and get a few ideas off the ground. And don’t let all those jealous Janes and Joes rain on your Pride parade. If you have a hot idea that is ready to catch fire, don’t let a wet drip snuff it out.


Are you just going to be a cog in the great corporate machine? Think of it differently. Queer Scorps feel empowered, and find the strength deep inside themselves to do what they need to do when they want to do it. Even if fates wear you down, sometimes, it’s the smallest cog that can have the greatest impact on the machine. Of course, the bigger the cog, the better.

Gay Archers seek and find themselves in the center of the group. The crowd is ready for your entrance and direction. And you have plenty of great ideas to get the crowd going. Exactly where you are going still may be in the planning stages. If so, try to delegate some of the finer details to those experts who know your tastes well. And I hear you like it salty.

Pink Caps are ready to make their fortunes in the world. Not only are you reenergized, but also you are also very clear and directioned in your goals. What a nice change of pace! If the corporate police find you hacking away at the perks vault, come up with some bureaucratic guerrilla tactic to make it seem that you are working on a top-level project, even as you fill your benefits package.


Your words pack a global punch, Aqueerius, so be careful of the who, what, when, where, why, and how of it. Tabloid headlines blare out all the juicy news, and push you Out into the front pages. Diplomacy is not your strong suit this period, so let others carry the banner, while you take a break from your rants and raves. Oh, thank goodness!

You are ready and raring for love, but be discerning in your choice of companions. Guppies find that the price tag on a certain sexy bauble may not be worth the wear and tear. Before you plunk down your hard-earned energies on a certain someone, try to set boundaries and limits. Hmm, do these situations come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee?

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