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Horoscope for August 1-14 Capitalize on your acumen, as Venus glides into Virgo. Check your list of wants and wanteds. Anything is possible, and failure is not an option. Get going!

Gay Rams make their mark on the job, and feel pretty darned good about their prospects. Capture and channel this high-energy level, and focus it on your options. Will you go for the money? Prestige? Ease? Commute? Coffee? Take your pick. Heck, why waste this all on dreary work? Give yourself a once over, diet- and health-wise, and strut it around town.


Queer Bulls gird their loins, adjust themselves, and get serious about boogying down! You get more party invitations than you might be able to handle this period. But don’t let that stop you from going to the outer limits in anything fun and romantic. You will not disappoint. Of course, at times, you won’t know when enough is enough. And this is a bad thing?

Even lazy pink Twins muster the energy to get down to business around the house. Suddenly, your surroundings are not up to your exacting standards. Not only are you filled with great ideas, but also you have a pinch more design sense. Collaboration on the details is key. You can’t get it all done by yourself. Someone has to work while you mix the drinks.

Finds ways to get yourself in front of the right audience, when Venus enters Virgo. Gay Crabs become expressive, opinionated, and downright compelling. They can find unique ways to draw and engage a crowd. What a nice change of pace! Move quickly into the center of attention, pal. Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come…or something like that.

This is an opportune time to turn a puny pile of change into a powerful money tree. Proud Lions must ask the right questions of the right advisers, and steer into the right investment avenues. Think long-term, and take calculated risks. So, what are you waiting for? You have plenty of time to squander your fortune on fast times and loose lovers next period.

Queer Virgins have extra charisma this period. Not only can they get away with myriad bad behaviors, but also they become trendsetters and even minor celebrities. This may be too much for you to manage effectively. When in doubt, be humble, and take it in stride. In a couple of weeks, your charm wears off, and folks will see you, warts and all. Then what? Jerry Springer?

Something going on behind the scenes proves to be profitable and delightful. Proud Libras discover a secret admirer or two, when Venus enters Virgo. Well, maybe not so secret. In your gut, you knew something or someone was afoot. At least, try to act surprised when that person makes himself or herself known to you. Then, what will you do?

Plan a few extra social events this period. Queer Scorps find themselves surrounded by compadres at every turn. Your presence is demanded at every gathering. This can become tiring, but don’t lose your steam. Keep smiling and dancing. The fates have plans. You need to meet folks who will fill up your dance card through the cold months.

Despite your jaundiced attitude at work, Venus in Virgo will turn some bad things around, and give you opportunities to gain traction. Gay Archers charm the snakes, tame the sharks, and feast at the big boys table. Make your assorted moves while the energy is right. Too, too soon, you will manage to say one thing too much that will knock you off the pedestal.

This is an especially a good time to travel, and expand your horizons. You are primed for adventure, and a potential romance is waiting for you on distant shores. If money and time are tight, satisfy your wanderlust with a quick jaunt closer to home. The most important thing is to get out of your own skin, and slip into someone else’s. Feel a pinch?

Aqueerians feel sexy and sultry, and everyone agrees. Is it the hot and humid August temperatures, or Venus in Virgo? Whatever it is, make the most of it, and enjoy every lusty moment before it evaporates. Make an effort to reach out, and see who is there for you. But don’t sit at home, and wait for a delivery…er, unless that is your “thing.”


Relationships are the be-all and end-all for Guppies this period. Not only do you love being in one, but also others try to hook up with you. Make all types of partnerships—business and pleasure—more stable and secure. The secret is to give more than you get…for now. Guppies who are in the “meet” market snare a catch. Are you packing the right bait? Check your can.

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